Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


It’s politics. It’s gonna happen no matter what.


No amount of updates can fix politics


I know. I know


Exactly :yum: and no platinum team can compete with diamond teams. It makes atlas not very fun for a lot of us. I think that separating atlas by leagues could potentially be a solution, but I don’t know if PG would be willing or able to balance that correctly either. I’m hoping that they try.


I agree that it can suck to expect to have a certain battle and the odds get changed , but that’s where the importance of 5ta and allience comes in. I feel like ppl are trying to do atlas on their own, and that’s not gonna happen. There was a reason a 5ta was created, and when u create something that incorporates all teams in the game and forces them to interact with each other bigger alliences are created.


U realize that if pg separates by league then it will be for u the same as it is for the lvl 4s and 5s. There will be no more scaling. Everyone in every league is 100%.I fine with that. Are u? (Side note they still wont change revive rates)


But then the team with the most of everything would be who has the highest lvls… a plat team with 4 300’s is probably gonna dominate over someone who just came into plat. Then ofc ppl will complain it’s not fair cause it’s not in their favor … what’s new. atlas isn’t meant to be fair. When pg made atlas they didn’t have the mindset of “okay everyone get along and have equal amount of castles”. It’s pvp. It’s meant to be survival of the fittest.


I reccomend taking advantage of next land grab.


It’s hard to say how they would do it now. But I still think it’d be a better experience.

Someone posted a comment here a while ago that I liked, but I can’t find it. But they basically said, when pitted against each other, plat teams fight tooth and nail to do well in pvp events, even without the team prizes being very significant. In atlas, we don’t fight each other very much at all, because the fight is simply about who has the biggest friends and it isn’t worth the risk to our existing castles. If we are pitted against similar teams I think atlas activity would go up a lot, and smaller levels would have greater opportunities for glory especially because other platinum teams won’t be able to just call on a diamond team immediately when their castle gets attacked. Sure, there will be sandbagging, but diamond teams aren’t going to sandbag down to platinum, so the extreme power differential wouldn’t be as drastic.


I can tell you right now that won’t happen. Lol. The amount of people who would be extremely livid would be worse then what 4.9 has caused. Changing politics now would be drastic


Here’s something that I think needs to be considered.

Video game design is about balancing two things: Frustration and Reward.

The frustration comes from varying difficulties in play, with opportunities to both develop skill and demonstrate that you have developed that skill by facing and overcoming a variety of challenges. The reason the player wants to overcome the challenge is because they get rewarded for doing so. Greater challenges mean greater rewards. Granted, sometimes the reward is simply the satisfaction of beating the challenge; often in MMO games, the reward is either in-game currencies or gear, or both. Games invoke different kinds of challenges and different kinds of rewards, but it can all be boiled down to some form of this formula. Players keep playing the game because they enjoy it, and they’re willing to put up with whatever the frustration is because they’re getting whatever the reward is.

So here’s the thing about Atlas, as it currently exists: It rewards those at the top, and it fails to reward those at the bottom. And, by design, the top is limited, and the bottom is broad. The rewards at the top are…ok. The rewards at the bottom are…not. Again, this is by design, and it’s hard to argue against that design structure.

The problem is that those who are at the bottom, those who do not have castles, or who are having their stuff taken by bigger fish…those who are having their troop counts decimated for reasons they can’t necessarily explain or understand - their frustration level is going to be high.

Now, what happens when frustration surpasses the desire to get the reward? The player quits.

Now, everyone who has been arguing that lower teams just need to buckle down, and strap on their boots, and “git gud” may be inclined to conclude that this is OK. “We don’t need those sorts of people anyway”. Ok, maybe. Maybe the game would be better off if all the free-loading F2P and E2P players just quit playing, or at least stayed out of Atlas, so that the Real Players could get down to the business of serious gaming.

But with big players leaving the game (because they, too, are frustrated), then their spaces on their teams will need to be filled, creating a trickle-up of player movement within and between leagues. And when I imagine what this looks like over time and from a zoomed out perspective, I see it as an implosion of the game.

So go ahead and complain about how people who are expressing their frustration just need to get over it, but the fact of the matter is, that’s about the worst thing that could happen.


starts slow clap


I agree 90% :slight_smile:
I think they are still rewards taking out glory: timers during events, and gear for the riders. You get it for having Atlas.
But generally speaking, is kind of the same I told before: a game needs a healthy environment, and that healthy environment is composed of all kind of players. Remove some categories, and the game will die.
Unless I’m missing the big picture and GP only needs D1 teams to maintain the game profitable. But I heavily doubt it


Id venture the rewards at the bottom vs the cost compared to the rewards at the top vs the cost greatly favors the bottom

The diminishing returns are severe, and the cost escalation more so.

You can get a lot of what atlas offers (probably around 50% of the total) by doing very very little.

If they actually wanted to fix it they need to roughly double the rewards each tier which ofc they wont.

The thing peoole are missing is the top is sponsoring the bottom, and unless they rapidly do something to keep the top spending, you will find them nerfing the living dallylights out of rewards


I’m okay with both the aggressor and the defender permanently losing troope.

However, I think having the defender lose more is backwards. The defender are entrenched at a castle (yes, I know the fort has buffs, and depending on # of enemy prims there they can enfeeble one, but enemy Siegers debuff so…) and I think the attacker should lose about 10% more than the defender.


Mind if I ask why?

Not disagreeing

But the defender already gets bonuses to attack and defense from the fort, plus the guards which cause losses to the attacker without any to the defensw.


This was indeed True, but not just for Plat teams. But I dont think it remains to be true with the recent changes. With the changes in revives, teams need to attack and it is less beneficial to sit in NML; meaning people need to attack castles now (less stagnation). T4 and T5’s now offer 100% glory. So everyone now needs to attack and there is a huge incentive for the strongest teams to stick to those T4’s and T5’s. Will they always? no, there is more than just glory to atlas, which may include assisting friendly teams.


And i would like to do all my war hits without anyone defending… I would also like Dread to crown me their leader and announce to the world i am the greatest player in the game. But just because we want something, doesn’t make it a realistic expectation.


This is a BS argument. Nearly all diamond teams can’t compete with dread (1 on 1 anyways). so maybe we should separate dread into their own atlas league? what you want just isn’t realistic. Like it or not Atlas is about politics. You can’t beat Diamond teams? so find a friendly diamond team so help counter that. Yes it sucks, yes its work, but that is the nature of a global map war system that is Atlas.

Just realized my last three responses were all towrds you, didn’t mean to pick on you. On this topic i simply dont agree.


1, 2, & 5 - I’m not arguing that point, Gox. It’s well established that those who spend are paying PG’s bills, and yes, everyone else should bow at their feet and thank the spenders for doing so. But a spender doesn’t have to be in Diamond; they exist in Plat teams too.

3 - I challenge you to demonstrate mathematically that a F2P player can get 50% of the total rewards by doing “very very little”. Even an E2P player cannot get 50% of total rewards without working their ass off. We’d have to start by outlining what “50% of total rewards” looks like, and what “very very little” means. I won’t cheat and include every Atlas season line.

4 - Finally, something we can agree on. I like agreeing with you. It makes me happy.