Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Well, since you answered your own question here…

Yes. Atlas is about gear and shards. Gear gives colossal advantages to both offense and defense. People without gear are at a disadvantage.

Teams are comprised of multiple people. Multiple people with this disadvantage puts the entire team at disadvantage.

Teams who have this disadvantage will lose wars and perform less-well in events. Teams who lose wars will drop leagues.

Individuals with this disadvantage will do less well in events.

Ergo…Atlas is required.


We will agree to disagree as I don’t think being extremely into atlas effects normal game play. Like mike said, even owning 1 castle gives you shards and allows you to get gear. If you hate atlas, u don’t have to be crazy involved.


I would agree you don’t have to be crazy involved, it just comes with it’s own consequences.


Not really, it depends upon that team’s reasons for having WD. If they are in NO hurry advance and just like taking it as they can and they like just the front end application then Atlas participation is still voluntary.

Unless I’m missing something, what tier a team is in is directly based on it’s ranking score which is impacted by winning or losing battle in WD, and how well or poorly they do in pvp events. It is indirectly based on how quickly they can level dragons for their level versus other teams.

It’s all about what players’ goals are.


And as Bayn stated:


But they can, really. People have suggested more than a few ways that could actively prevent this sort of interference, from instituting massive penalties on teams that hit too far down, to separating out leagues, to simply making it impossible for teams in X league or above Y influence to get involved at low-level castles.


I know that there are teams like that. They exist in Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

I would probably be accurate in stating that these folks (bless their hearts) are the extreme minority.

So yeah. If you’re playing War Dragons with no intention of actually participating in the game beyond the breeding and base leveling component, sure. Atlas is optional. As soon as wars and events (and by extension, seasons) enter the picture, that is no longer the case.


Just cause it’s suggested dosent make it a good idea. I could suggest dread dosent ever hit a castle again, dosent make it reasonable or right.


True enough. But in turn, just because it already exists doesn’t make it a good idea either.


Well… it does if the majority like it lol.


PG (3 years ago): hey all try this new event we made, it involves building ships and fighting over islands with everyone in your league
Players: it is too complex and time consuming. We work all weekend just to loose it all at the end of the event! we dont like it.
PG 3 years ago: Okay we will revisit it

PG (now): We have created a world map war system and we are calling it Atlas! Every team can now fight it out and battle in an open map system.
Those without Atlas: That sounds awsome! i want it!
PG: very well, if you insist
Those who just got Atlas: What this is a global map?!?! How do you expect us to compete!?! This is BS!
PG: Ummm well you asked to be included, okay we will help you out with come incentives for them to leave you alone, but remember it is a global map system
New Atlas players: This is stupid, change it so it is league based.

This is how i am reading this thread… Sure its not perfect yet and some tweaks need to be made. But to call for a complete overhaul (ie separating it by league) is just…


Yep lmao. No matter what happens ppl will complain if it’s not in their favor or if it dosent benifit them.


It’s the same way ppl complain if big teams hit low and then complain that it’s not fair cause now they can’t defend their T4 against diamond teams lmaoooo. :joy: “u cant hit little teams, but can hit any T4 except mine” :rofl: becomes a big joke imo.


You have absolutely no chance in hell of keeping up remotely in the normal game as f2p past 300

It literally is pointless.

Is this good - no, but it is what it is.

Now the argument is being made that free play in atlas cannot compete.

Cannot compete with?

If the answer is spenders - well fair enough. But if you could mirror them - would they still spend ?

The trick lies in making elite able to keep up with spenders but using time as their currency.

Aka the elite player that spends 10h a day should keep up with the spender that spends and plays 1h a day

Thats what Im hoping and fighting for


Top sentence.

I am thinking you probably are speaking about Beta. Since I never had access to it “I don’t know” except by hearsay. And if what I’ve heard is true it sounds like PG took that similar EVENT, that most of us hated and said, “Hey, they hate it as an event, let’s remove it and make it into a whole separate game within the game, maybe they’ll like it better!” Guess they were wrong?:thinking:


No even before beta it was a singluar PvP event. Beta was the testing it as a global map that never ended.


Agreed 100%


Yes, that is what I was referring to. Couldn’t remember if they had that event only once or twice. That was around May 2016 I think.


I’m sure you know, but the only thing E2P players can grind is egg tokens and it’s still pretty slow/grueling. Bronze chests are shit, don’t bring them up.

Do you think it would be a good idea for PG to add content that allows players to grind for (almost) every resource/consumable? If people could use their time to make meaningful progress, I think they’d be able to actually compete.

As it stands, E2P players can’t use their time as currency to acquire similar things that spenders can.

It’s always been my philosophy in games that spending should be supplementary to playing the game, or used as a means to save time if you can only play a little. In this game, spending is playing the game. And you have to spend A LOT. I genuinely don’t know why people spend to get 40 level 75s in a day, but whatever.

If I could spend 5-6 hours a day grinding in a “resource dungeon” for free, and make similar progress to someone who spends and plays for about an hour, would there be outrage? Would spenders claim their money is being devalued and should be worth more than my time?

You’re over level 500 last I heard. I’m 150. If I got into low/mid 300s in 3-6 months from now by playing the game a lot, playing smart, being efficient and actually using my brain to learn the game, would you be upset? Keep in mind that the same method of gaining supplies would also be available to you and low 300 will be N-2 in 3 months. Mid 300 probably won’t be enough to be competitive in 3-6 months, either.


Wouldnt be upset at all.

The game desperately needs this