Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


I’m mid 300’s now, it’s not enough now :joy:


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No offense but I think there have been other dragons with issues for far longer. Not excusing it but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Probably not that easy to fix.


I do agree the revive rate is definitely an issue around the board.




There are many 300’s in plat lol


He isn’t wrong. I’m there because I don’t care enough to be elsewhere. There is zero motivation for me to play in a more appropriate team, and thus I am sandbagging.


I don’t consider a 300 in plat sandbagging as there are countless 300’s in plat.


Because we are all sandbagging :joy:


Sandbagging is relative


Sincerely curious question Mike, I was there for a bit to be with friends and I couldn’t deal with it. I put a lot of hours into the game, I fly a lot!! and those meager tokens and prize tiers were too painful!! I loved that team, still do but in the end I had to move back up.
Forgot the question😂 How can you sit there and not facepalm everyday when you claim those dailies


I’m at a point where tokens don’t matter, and let’s face it, team rewards are nothing compared to what you get from Event prizes and gold
Chests (which don’t change from league to league). I realized the sleepless nights in diamond weren’t worth the extra league rewards. Plus I hate PG with a passion, they are destroying this game I love, I’m trying desperately to disengage where I can. I stopped buying packs 1.5 years ago. I’m slowly letting myself fade into nothing…

There are other reasons too. :joy:


be me
play in diamond
spend rarely
play maybe 2-3 hours a day, 4-5 on weekends

Relaxed playstyle :sunglasses:


Well …Maybe they’ll wake up before its too late. Thanks for the answer


Hopefully someone can clarify as it seems numerous people are under the impression they are set back years when they lose an island. The island goes into storage so the majority of your progress is saved. Years implies more than one year, if Atlas is not even that old, did you lose progress from before Atlas even existed when you lose your island?


Umm elite gear doesn’t impact the legacy game play?


If you read back my point was clarified and very close to what Mike was saying. Nobody’s team HAS to be active and crazy involved in atlas. Even owning 1 castle allows you to get the shards you need to craft gear. If someone isn’t a fan of atlas their teams dosent have to be crazy involved or make it a priority.


The first time I read something from you that I totaly agree with. I’m E2P.
My Screen time in a week is round about 40-50hours (more than my fulltime job, maybe I should get a life) and I’m struggling to hold the pace with people playing less then 5 hours a week but spending a little money (I think 1-2 big packs are more worth then my time).


For the record I plan to rule Gold when I retire and be a professional sandbagger plus merc for hire.


Oh I would join your team :smiley: . Nobody wants me to join in higher leagues. Even though I’m lvl 203 (I can defend Harbs) with a good base and getting Noc and maybe lumina next breeding.