Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


I will take many many people to request if that has to happen.


I have been following this thread and I don’t remember seeing any posts saying that losing an island would set you back “years”. Then again, my memory is CRAP :joy: so take that with a grain of salt. If anyone said that, it’s obviously hyperbole because, as you said, Atlas hasn’t been around that long. lol
However, losing a castle isn’t painful mainly because of the loss of the infrastructure. That used to be an issue, but with the abundance of gold, most teams won’t have too much trouble making that up. The biggest pain there is the additional speed-ups that will be required to get it back to the original level.

No, the main reason losing a castle CAN be such a major set back for a team at the moment is because (if they choose to defend and not just meekly hand over their castle) by the time the castle is taken they are likely to be severely depleted of troops. This is what makes recovery take so long and is the reason why many smaller teams are breaking up right now. In a vacuum, replenishing these troops would take XX days. The reality is, the team is trying to replenish the troops- not in a vacuum, but while either
a) defending other castles from eviction
b) trying to take over another castle to replace the one lost

Under these circumstances recovery takes exponentially longer- if it occurs at all.

Even if b) is a smaller castle, if a team is entrenched and has built up the castle guards- you are not going to be replacing your lost castle any time soon. Many teams are lucky just to be able to hang on to their other castles now that their troop levels are so depleted. This is why people say it takes so long to “recover”.

You may say then- well, why are you defending, you idiot? Why not just hand over your castle? Well, for some it is pride. For others, they don’t have much choice. They may only have 1-2 castles and they may feel they have a better chance at defending one than they have than trying to take over a new one. It’s tough on the bottom. lol


Checked this thread as usual every 2nd day.
Hundreds of new posts.
No response from any PG employee.
As I said before, PG really cares for their player base, WOW
So I have a serious question @Arelyna :
why did you open a discussion thread if nobody from PG is here to discuss ???


I’ve said the same


so WE can discuss, complain and ultimately be ignored of course :slight_smile:


So got steam rolled by a saphire team attacking castles for glory on level 2 castles they hit several and cost me personally 40k permanent loss troops just a couple more times and playing atlas won’t be an issue anymore for me simply due to the fact of no troops I get trapped or I am to low level to attack their taunter so thanks pg love the new changes.


Yes, but don’t you see how this is better?


Taking a deep breath to tell Gox, Dread and PG how asweome trolls they are meantime🙄


And still no response from PG… I opened a ticket with Zendesk and they tell me there are supposedly more changes coming to make things more “fair”. So after the D1 teams steamroll anyone less than D1 holding any level 4s, only after that do they feel it necessary to make things more “fair”. My guess is we will only get more changes that further benefit only the diamond teams. How sad. I am getting to the point of hating this game I have loved for so long. PG has managed to turn what was fun into a depressing chore.


There are teams in d2 and s1 holding level 4 and 5 land… plenty of people misrepresenting the issue


Can anyone tell me how long glory has been in game,and how long aligane has been used for said glory?


Aligane was used ever since that expansion (think it was the plat expansion?) and increased in popularity When influence scaling was removed from nmls, meaning only level glory scaling applied. So basically since the spring atlas season.


So basically for the past 7 months,no wonder so many think this change is terrible. You never ever let players do something for months then change it so abruptly.


So you’re mad because your sitting on big castles but don’t wanna fight the big boys? That’s what I’m hearing.


You say it’s “so unfair “ that big teams would go after big castles … is it their fault ur sitting on valuable lands and can’t defend it?.. should they go after T3 and T2 since it’s so unfair? Or is that unfair too? Should they hit nobody?..


It sounds like to me you think you deserve to have stuff just cause u have atlas and that’s a shitty mentality tbh. You earn your stuff, and then defend it. Nobody is gonna let u keep valuable lands and not make u fight for it. Nobody is gonna serve u T4 on a silver platter and never hit you. If your team is being removed from one it’s cause u can’t fight against the big dogs. Don’t have the mentality that u deserve anything.


It was obvious within a month of the 4.60 NML influence removal in August that Aligane combat was seriously distorting Atlas activity and that 100% revives on defense was incentivizing passive glory gains with troops endlessly recycled. Yes, in an ideal world, PG would have moved faster to correct this. But it’s better to correct something that is broken later than is optimal than to not fix it at all.


Their fix is not optimal. So they took 7 months to deliver a sub optimal adjustment


I’m still waiting to see the reason, getting glory in aligane is a bad thing.


Oh. You’re new here. Subleague prizing is still totally wrong with the 2 year anniversary of subleagues coming up. Identifying a problem and getting a fix out (never said the fix was optimal, the timing wasn’t optimal) months late is by some metrics pretty good. Think you can look forward to some changes widely desired by the playerbase (improved revive rates; maybe also regen rates). When? Not as soon as we’d all hope.