Version 4.90 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v4.90 of War Dragons is going to be released next week. This version will contain a number of bug fixes and some new major updates for Atlas. Read on for more details!



  • [Atlas] Introducing Beasts! Beasts have replaced Poachers as your new huntable prey in Atlas. Defeat them to earn loot! See below for more information.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where some players were not able to cast non-target spells while swiping their finger on the screen for basic attacks

  • Fixed an issue where Sylphen’s Ethereal Chains was still doing damage but not chaining towers after the Red Mage Tower was down

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Rider Mission rewards were sometimes not properly awarded



  • [Android] Fixed various crash issues.

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where users on iOS 10.3 experienced a black screen when accessing Atlas



  • Fixed a Dragon Evolution status UI issue.

  • [Atlas] Added an Atlas tab in the store, where all Atlas-related value packs can now be found.
    Opening the store within Atlas will open the Atlas tab by default.


Glory Scaling

  • Glory scaling was implemented in an attempt to protect new and low-level players from being full time targets of the highest level players in Atlas. However, in level 4 and 5 regions, bombarding castles with tons of low level accounts has created stagnation in castle turnover (due to low glory payouts). Additionally, low level alternative accounts are being used to trap high level players who earn little to no glory for destroying the trapping primarch. This is counter to desired behavior/intended design, trapping is a conscious decision and if done the primarch should grant full glory when attacked. We have therefore made the following changes:
    Removed glory scaling for level 4 and 5 castles (Glory scaling is always 100%).
    Removed glory scaling when attacking a primarch that is actively trapping you.

Revive Rates

  • In this pvp based game our goal is to incentivize players to always attack well or defend as well as possible. We have therefore changed revive rates to be based on our existing flame battle system to reward players for both strong attacks and strong defenses. These changes increase the revive potential for attackers from current state when attacking well. These changes also are intended to incentivize attack more so than defense.
# of Flames Attacker Revive Rate Defender Revive Rate
Less than 3 60% 80%
3 65% 70%
4 70% 65%
5 80% 60%

No Man’s Land Changes

  • All No Man’s Lands are now level 2 regions

Weekly Quest Changes

  • Weekly Quests were a bit too hard for players to complete, so we’re tuning them down to give players a better shot at getting all the rewards (rewards remain the same as before):
    • Destroy Castle Guards: Removed
    • Train Troops: 20000 -> 10000
    • Kill Troops: 10000 -> 12000
    • Revive Troops: 8000 -> 9000
    • Defeat Poachers: Removed
    • Defeat Beasts: 20 (New)
    • Rider Missions: 14 -> 10
    • Gear Pieces Crafted: 10, No change
    • Mine Gold: 3m, No change
    • Wipe out Primarchs: 5 -> 2
    • Complete Weekly Quests: 9 -> 7

:silverchest: ATLAS BEASTS

  • Beasts will be replacing Poachers and appear all across Atlas as your new huntable prey. These beats will vary in strength and reward you loot when you defeat them.

NOTE: This will not be available at the release of Version 4.90!


Beasts will spawn at random intervals near castles owned by your team, No Man’s Lands, and Neutral Lands.

  • Beasts escape after a set duration after spawning. Attack them before they escape or wait for the next Beast to spawn again.

  • After killing 8 Beasts in any given region, no more Beasts will spawn in that region until the following day.

  • A Beast’s level is determined based on the region’s level that it spawns in. Neutral regions will feature the lowest level Beasts.

  • Beasts are unique to players - you cannot see or attack other players’ Beasts.

  • Your Primarch must be in the same region as the Beast that you want to attack.


  • Each Beast requires a minimum Hunt Power from a Primarch to be attacked.
    The higher level of the Beast, the higher the Hunt Power required.

  • Hunt Power is determined based on the Primarch’s tier, level, and the number of troops it’s holding.
    100 Troops = 1.666 Hunt Power

  • Your Primarch’s Hunt Power can be found on your Primarch’s ‘Details’ page.


  • Defeating Beasts will offer amazing rewards!

  • Basic Loot
    Varying amounts of Dragon XP, Gold, and Crafting Shards based on the Beast’s level.
    The higher the Beast level, the better the bonus rewards.
    Team Refinery and Atlas Elite buffs apply to Beast rewards as well.

  • Bonuses/Multipliers
    Beasts and Mines share the same daily gold multiplier which scales down with each subsequent attack during a day. These values reset every day at midnight PT.
    Attacking Beasts gives the same XP multiplier as attacking a Mine.

  • Rare Drops
    In addition to the Basic Loot mentioned above, you have a chance of discovering rare loot items after defeating a Beast.
    Rewards include: Crafting Shards, Crafting Scrolls, Red Rider Shards, Blue Rider Shards
    Higher level Beasts have better drop rates.

Example of Beasts information screen


Please discuss in the Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Please note that Beasts will not be available at Version 4.90’s release.

There is a very ugly bug that was currently present in Beasts after testing and we decided to postpone the release until a fix for said bug was in place. It should be out within the few releases after 4.90, and we will communicate when it’s coming at that time.

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War declarations will be disabled until at least this afternoon.