Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Hey all!

Please ask questions and discuss the Version 4.92 Release Notes in this thread.

Version 4.92 Release Notes
4.92 Bar & Smoking Lounge. OPEN 24/7
Beasts Don’t Give Any XP Boosts 🤔

Thanks for the regen changes for elite and regular atlas. Glory changes too. Increase to the points is a bit disturbing as it is 1.5-1.8 times of now.


Will the daily packages include black pearls ?
Will we get gold mining increase to help speed up the troop regen. ?
Have you consider showing gold stored as the other rss ? So we can steal it instead of mining it :smiling_imp:


Sounds like a really good update! Increase troop rate, higher rewards for attacking, location fixes, and beasts :eyes:


Yes, they can include black pearls. Not all offers will include them though.


I like everything in an update for once :eyes::see_no_evil:


Any chance you could bump up the hat cap to go along with this? Say 12k/24k (from 8k/16k)… Otherwise you’re hitting hat cap every 3 hours, which seems a little more frequent than you’d want if you’re truly concerned about burnout.


Obviously we could have wanted more, and the new scale of atlas prizes are a bit disturbing, but overall is a great update
I hope it works and we don’t have new glitches :eyes:


If @pgjared could make the case that the 300 wall, the scaled chest drops and the game security super should be low priority, that would be great :pray:t3:


Thank you @Arelyna for listening to the community in this update!


I agree, can we not include this for like the next 3 or so updates?

Edit for clarity: the damn legendary crafting quest… it DID NOT NEED TO BE FIXED


I thought almost the same thing :joy:


Why in the world is event prize costs being increased so much? Why is it everytime you give us a bone half is taken back? As usual PG never learns from previous screw ups.


@Arelyna question about these new “value packs”.

Are they the same packs available now on rotation but given to certain players out of rotation? For example the 90 horns pack during let’s say crafting event?

Or are the new packs (like portentously the ones with 50k rubies and such)?


Did you not see the regen rate changes?

Troops go up by 2x, yet not a single prize point is doubled. Seriously think you just complain to complain.


I agree… nothing to complain about… complaining for the sake of complaining will only make real complaints meaningless… stop crying wolf


And be honest, the troop event was easy


@Arelyna can we get some more info about the value packs? Not very clear, at least to me


@Arelyna, is this what Jared meant by the “big meeting”? :eyes:

Just being nosey :grin:


Regen rate is going back to what it was before it was nerfed. Y’all act like it’s something new.