Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


I guess it’s better wait for official comment and don’t do silly moves with troops transfers rn


Why didn’t you guys inform us about the requirement to attack these beasts? So I can’t literally get any shards until I load up x amount of troops on a silver primarch to be able to attack these beasts?


They did in 4.90


i have a maxed silver primark and biggest beast i can find is lvl 20 with hunt power of 8000 required. I have 19200 hunt power.

i have teammates with lvl 23 beast same zone, but no primark that has a hunt power large enough to hit.

logic ?


This is beyond frustrating. You will get better payouts they(PG) said. Well the requirements to actually attack these beasts are ridiculous. I can no longer hit anything unless it’s in land my team owns, the safe zone or nml and with my silver seiger loaded with troops. Why in the world can’t I hit any in say my 5TA land. This is bad update.


My 1 troop works just fine for beasts,but I thought beasts were gonna have more shards than poachers?


Okay I want my poachers back


The beasts suck they are obviously made to favor bigger players and big spenders the poachers weren’t great but at least they were a fair target and equal payout for everyone who hit them but now you replaced them with a target that lower level players and non spending players won’t be able to can’t even start to attack because of the way the hunt power works and even when they are able to get a primarch big enough to hold enough troops to have the hunt power to even begin to attack a beast at a level 2 castle they will still only get the worst payouts that beast give because they still lack a high enough level primarch to get decent beast payouts they also require you to max out the troops on your primarch to be able to get a decent payout from the beasts this system clearly favors big spenders and bigger level players


Supposed to have 5x shards, no? But their still not paying out…even though Arelyna said they are paying out correctly. Maybe it is 3x rather than 5x.


@SaintCheeky @Dari i found it!!!


  • Each Beast requires a minimum Hunt Power from a Primarch to be attacked.
    The higher level of the Beast, the higher the Hunt Power required.
  • Hunt Power is determined based on the Primarch’s tier, level, and the number of troops it’s holding.
    100 Troops = 1.666 Hunt Power
  • Your Primarch’s Hunt Power can be found on your Primarch’s ‘Details’ page.

sorry idk wtf is wrong with my browser but quotes didn’t work


Mine too!
But I think they must have post exect numbers of needed Hunt power way earlier
Plus it’s still absolutely lame,because we need to max our primarches in 1 night for 10 lvls? It’s bs
I’m literally loosing a lot of progress
As min 46k shards from one region
Not counting others


Yeah, lately forums have been SUPER glitchy about quotes. I find refreshing the page works wonders :upside_down_face: (and if that doesn’t work, quitting the browser and relaunching it does :slight_smile:)


I only receive the 2.6k posted on left. There is no bump in gold or shards.


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Yea… I dont remember seeing exact requirements posted before… or a detailed explanation about beasts…

Now I see why…

Absolute trash is right… switch it back… multiplier for shards ismt working… and I literally cant farm anything decent that my team owns lol…my primes are not great but they they would have to be maxed silver to farm anything of value…


I’m wondering what ppl without extra GP on primarches gonna do now? Since castles are bubbled :laughing:


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Beast are the worse addition to atlas…


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I haven’t even had in my mind,that requirements might be bigger,then half maxed silver prime
Tripple facepalm