Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Won’t let you use the hats lol


Your right… I will admit I was wrong… update is trash… 1 player base… 0 to me for putting faith in pg thinking process…

Wont happen again.


Uh, really? This update looked promising. It has been out for less than a day.


Someone dropped advice


I just want to know which part of this update is working as intended. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The locked season dragons.thats it…


Now guys, give them a chance to iron this out before passing judgment. It’s happened before that their initial estimates were off and they adjusted level requirements.

If I took away anything from the QA they had, it’s an increased sense of empathy for the engineering team.


I just bought a pack,works perfectly for me :joy_cat:
Special deal for 10$


No, I give no leeway when obvious things are broken that one look at how it ran would tell you it was broken. Not even game play, just look.


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Yeah,I guess we all need to figure out if it’s a glitch or was intended


Please don’t be serious on buying the special pack that had 2k rubies.


I just think we ought to give them a day before bringing out the pitchforks :woman_shrugging:


polished pitchfork

You were saying ?


Seriously PG have one person at least test the update once before releasing it. Thee is no way possible you are going to have me believe someone even loaded this and didn’t notice any of the 2000 things wrong. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Arelyna dersive shriek from oni wont cast till fully around bends also


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You’re giving blind men a bad name.


I work for a software company that has 24 products. If you added up every bug we have in every product up for an entire year it is less than PG has in a single update. This company is a damn joke.


You are right… they would have seen that the beasts were broken…