Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread



hat region display is fine now. Thank you


I know you can’t promise they will be changed, but in their current state, where a player cannot attack a Beast on a level 2 castle with a mid level prim with 1/2 a load of troops, that’s just not feasible.

It MUST be fixed.


I almost feel like a lot of this can be solved by moving a comma. Make each troop grant 0.16 hunting power instead of 0.016. That would actually make a difference with loaded primarchs…especially given the tier difference between poacher levels. There is a significant cost associated with loading 30k on your prim to hit that one beast…


Every attempt on attacking beasts the game keeps crashing and since I’m unable to do atlas runs for gold I would like to be compensated something for my loss


I’ve already prodded the Atlas team about looking at the requirements. Not much more I can do at the moment unfortunately.


Seems like primarchs move much slower now. Maybe it’s just me. Also wondering if the bonuses from beasts work and if so how do we know? Haven’t seen anything showing an actual bonus drop.


I did get a bonus drop of 100 dark shards on a wind shard run. I did not screenshot it though. It shows up next to the main shards in the success screen.


All players get a line of bs… We deserve a working game


@Arelyna can you please explain why I’m in someone else’s alliance chat group and not apart of those teams. Please explain why game crashing goes on daily and never gets fixed


Thanks. Usually we just need an acknowledgement our concerns have been escalated. Im filing this under unexpected consequences.


Primarchs move significantly slower now, smh. What was a 4m30s trip is now almost 8min. Same primarch, a trip between 2 castles I have done regularly for months. Wasn’t the update supposed to speed things instead of slow them down? Add it to the list.


She’s not a dev, so no


@Arelyna why aren’t the divines available since someone is still training them


I have no clue as to why a specific player (yourself in this case) is having issues.

Not sure what is going on with this one

Please read the updates in this thread: Version 4.92 and Potential Season Delay


This has been a issue for 2 months now


So how do we actually know if we get a special drop from the beasts? Been through upwards of 20 runs and haven’t seen anything special. Maybe I’m just unlucky anyone else see anything special drop?


I got some scrolls. :woman_shrugging:
e: they showed up with the normal loot.


•Was only able to hit 2 beasts out of 60 on my teams lands… Absolutely ridiculous…
•power does not increase when adding troops to primarchs.
•Primarchs take twice as long to move now…


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