Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Agreed and need fixed soon


Nicely done on the missions, but then you used rubies to do it correct. Same way you gotta use diamonds or bullhorns to do the troops if less time to regularly log on :slight_smile:


It took my sieger 20 seconds to move one territory :joy:


Took me 8 seconds to move one castle


I’m going to be a voice of disagreement here and say I overall like the idea of the beasts. I hope they don’t entirely get rid of beasts. I get more shards now, and the beast levels and reappears each time I hit it, allowing me to farm way more shards without having to leave our lands. I do completely disagree with the idea that mid level bronze prims can’t take beasts on T2 lands. That’s not right. I also vehemently absolutely disagree with the idea of filling up my silver prim to hunt shards when I can’t transfer the troops back off. But I overall like the idea of beasts and their functionality way more then poachers, which were boring and not very incentivizing. High level, please keep beasts but let’s reconsider how they scale for each player.


8: Travel time is not any faster for primes.


Ok so managed to get troop training working, just need to do 10 lvls on a silver trapper so I can farm shards… why not put troop kill ratio up to 100% for less than 6 flames too?


Wonderful job once again. I am always amazed of how you guys can release a broken crap ever update. 3 weeks in between updates and this is the best what you guys can do?



After some evaluation, we have changed the requirements for Beasts regarding Hunt Power. We do feel though that hitting high level beasts gives many more rewards than the previous poachers and should require more primarch progress. With that being said, we are greatly reducing the primarch level & troop requirements to hit higher level beasts:

  • There is no change with Bronze 1 star primarchs hunt powers
  • For Bronze 2 star primarchs and Silver 1 star primarchs, we will be increasing their base hunt power. Please see the chart below.
  • Hunt Power per Troop will increase from 0.01666666667 → 0.5


So we can work our ass off to secure a level
5 only to discover only a fraction of our members can reap the benefits? This is your thinking? I just want to confirm, publically, your line of thought here.


Players can travel to other areas to attack beasts.


When is this happening?


That’s nice, so we can work to
Claim a level 5 then send our players away to gather shards? That’s what you think is a good idea?


So much new stuff… yet my damn game is still broken from your 4.70 update. How about spending some damn time fixing my game.


Thank you for the rapid reassessment :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, just my 2¢ on the beasts based on my brief experience with them…

For those complaining that adding troops does not improve your hunt power, perhaps your problem is with math. It is clearly stated that 100 troops adds an additional 1.666 to hunt power. That’s a decimal point there, not a comma. So adding 1k troops would only increase your hunt power by 16.6. If you want to make a serious change to your hunt power through troops, you are going to need to load up with tens of thousands of troops.

I can’t speak to the shard payouts because, frankly, I never paid much attention to them before. I can say that the gold payout for beasts seems about right. Even the level 1 beast which pretty much everyone ought to be able to beat pays out about what the poachers used to. Higher level beasts pay out higher. So, it only LOOKS like you’re getting screwed when you can’t attack the higher levels, but I’m not sure that we are actually losing out. It IS a case of the rich and powerful getting richer and more powerful, but the little guy hasn’t lost anything.

Again, that is only for gold. I cannot speak to shards. Their payout may indeed be different.

And, yes, we will have to move around more to find beasts to hunt. It will be annoying, but not impossible. Move to free zones, or NML for more targets. So far, free areas seem to have lower level beasts, but NML seems to have higher ones. There is, of course the danger of being attacked, but that’s part of what PG is pushing for with these changes. They don’t want people playing it safe.

So, the short answer is, I think people’s knee-jerk reaction here is a bit overly dramatic. I don’t think they are that bad, and I think if you give them a chance, you will see that they might actually be better.

Edit: they have changed now changed the troop hunt power buff, so adding troops may now actually make a difference.

Edit 2: beasts are not available in 5TA lands, only lands where your team has castles, NML, and free areas. Not quite as easy to get around but again, still not impossible.


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New update yet same old freeze where you can’t pick a dragon or a base gotta close out the game restart still don’t work repeat process . But here’s some beast for atlas . Here a idea instead of closing threads from people who don’t like your update or are pissed how about pg actually does something to Better the game then put money In there pockets. Smh


I like the regen rates going back to normal.

And pretty sure my revive cap also increased which i am super grateful for.

Beasts, so far. Not impressed at all. Have a maxed silver destroyer and i have seen no beasts above level 20


I disagree it’s overly dramatic, it’s a massive nerf on shard farming for 95% of players.