Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Can we have automatic enfeeble on beast that does not interfere with atlas war. That is beast requirement is automatically reduced based on your tower level.

A level 3 tower will reduce a level 35 beast to a level 32 beast? To 30 with a level 5 tower, etc.


Well, as I said, I can’t speak to the shard totals.


What is the mechanic for the beast levels? They seem to be random. Hitting the same beast, it went from 10 to 14, 14 again, then 8, then 10, 10 again, then back to 14. Yet others are getting up to 18 on the same piece of land with lower level primarchs. Wtf?

And why is the atlas elite only giving x2 shards instead of x3?
@Arelyna can you explain how the levels of beasts change and why, or is it all random?


We can only see beasts on our lands, neutral and nml. So teams would need to hold at least one each of levels 3/4/5 for each shard type to ensure all members can hit the right beasts to get the right shard types.


As of now, the only other areas that have beasts are NML, and neutral zones.


It was a total piece of garbage when they first came out.

You make this change and it’s still a total piece of garbage.

You have created even more work in an already tedious activity and we are supposed to be grateful you raised the hunt power of prims?


Players CAN do lots of things that are stupid. Y’all changed the rules again for what Atlas Elite can get you. Used to be a guaranteed win against poachers, now maybe you can maybe you can’t get shards from hard won castles. Yes it’s not a direct change, but it’s an extremely obvious consequence. If a TEAM can take and hold a castle the whole team should get the benefit.

Each lvl land should have a clearly articulated minimum and maximum beast lvl at the very least so people know what they’re fighting for. At least if you randomize within that range lower lvl teammates have a chance.


Here’s a thought…

According to the 4.90 release notes, beasts are unique to each player. So, instead of having their levels determined by castle level, why not have them determined by PLAYER level?


I don’t mind the beasts. But I do have a question. Beasts say they have the same XP boost as the mines. But they do not pay out the same. I think my normal XP is around 1.15m but the beasts give around 775k. Is this by design or a glitch?


Travel Speed

The land of Atlas used to be traversable from end to end in 10 minutes. With the latest expansion of Atlas the size of Atlas more than doubled, leading to travel times as long as 20 minutes. We are adjusting primarch flight speeds such that traveling long distances is up to twice as fast and traveling short distances is a little bit faster than before. For the math savvy:

  • D = Distance to be traveled
  • Y = Maximum possible distance that can be traveled in Atlas
  • Z = Speed Bonus (Added to primarch base speed)

Z = (D / Y) + 1 (Max speed bonus = 2x)

@Arelyna I don’t think they got the math right on this one. You might want to have them check and make sure they got all the pluses and minuses in the right place.


Because player level is not directly determinate of Primarch level. I know of a level 122 who has more/better Silver Prims than I do. I know level 400s who have level 4 Bronze Primarchs. If you find yourself unable to hit beasts AFTER the Hunting Power patch, maybe you should consider leveling your primarchs more. Specifically 1.


These new hunt power parameter updates are now live.


It used to be that poachers gave you some event points in atlas… doesn’t seem like beasts do… is this intentional?


Well, I do not like this new beast poacher thing at all. It is total garbage.


I updated the game why is there no dragons in event


As a software developer, I’d like to express gratitude to the team for an outstanding update. Please know that the “angry twenty” in these posts do not speak for the silent majority.

I realize that hat/troops regen was basically walking back the most recent release, but that takes guts, and is an illustration of the team proactively adjusting to client feedback. In an agile world it’s refreshing to see you embracing these principles.

In my experience so far, beasts have been a welcome addition. And a nice reward to my countless hours glory hunting in Atlas. I have one last bronze out in the wild and have not had any trouble locating targets through my teams castles.

What people don’t realize is they’ve been constantly given these Atlas perks for free to entice adoption. Yet rather than sack up and go PvP they hide at their castles with their poachers and mindlessly soak up the free gold and extremely generous xp. Good for them. Meanwhile I’m out busting my ass and challenging myself to take risks on difficult bases to become the best flyer I can be. I hunt glory like a champion and have badass event rewards to show for it. I can also go take whatever beast I damn well please as both a mid-level player and mid-level spender. Why? Because I’m embracing the damn game.

And as for the shards, it’s evident the high level beasts at high level castles are a reward for the heavy hitters and big spenders. Guess what? They deserve more out of this game than you. They’re paying the salaries of the people who create this fantastic experience.

TL;DR - Great update so far. Thank you. Continue to refine it. Fix the bugs. Keep innovating new experiences. For those of you complaining, leave the effing nest and fly.


You’re so cool and sooo good I wish I were you. I’m too scared to go out and fly my upper level silver primarchs, wish I had your bravery. (/s, get it? Because they’re silver, so I must have done some flying…oh nvm)

Just about everything in this update was broken on release. That’s not ok. And after the rest of the drama this was supposed to start fixing. Even their fixes are broken. That’s the complaint.

I’d probably be a fan of the beasts if they worked even decently on release. They need to get their dev and QA teams on the ball.

Edit: And in the attempt to make primarchs faster they slowed them down. Probably mixed up the / and * signs.


As far as I understood the beasts should provide the very same XP like attacking the mine, so including the buff from our teams‘ infrastructure. But unfortunately this is NOT the case. Beasts give the same XP as poachers did before, so NOT including the Infra buff. I guess this is a bug then?
Anyone else experienced this?


For me it’s been 50/50. Someone else posted the same. And some of them give less gold than the mine, and less shards than the poachers. Plus the other bugs. Plus sand, teleport, vines, increased instability, etc.


I am currently unable to move my home. I stepped out of my current team into the respite team and I am unable to open any menus u TIL I assign a castle as home. This is impossible as of now