Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


We hunt out all beasts near our castle. When will they come back?


Tomorrow. Apparently they’re a daily reset, but I could be wrong. You can go hunt in neutral as well, so it’s time to start roaming.


PG’s own glitchy update spoiled their upcoming riders :rofl::rofl::rofl:

** Astrid**
Tower Atk: 13%
Tower HP: 13%
Lumber Mill Capacity: 12%
Lumber Mill Production: 12%
Sheep Farm Production: 12%
Construction Time: 7%

Dragon Atk: 14%
Dragon HP: 14%
Dragon XP: 7%
Ice Flak Resist: 3%
Fire Flak Resist: 3%
Dark Flak Resist: 3%

Definitely feel like they mixed these two up and Astrid should have been the offensive. She’s only 2HP higher than Tanok so meh. Bjorn is pretty good. I’d bet she is the discount rider and he is the 2nd rider

I have their looks too . Sorry to spoil the suprise pg . It was in game so :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Does “tomorrow” means 15 mins later?



I’m wandering around to NML to find high level beasts, and I went through a whole cycle of re-summons to get troops off one of my primarchs to be able to sit in NML and hit beasts. Problems with this are the slow movement speed and the fact that I’m mostly getting dark shards. Can the thing where NML only gives dark shards be changed someday?

I haven’t yet encountered any beasts I can’t hunt with my best primarch, and the higher level beasts I’m seeing are giving more gold than my gold mines. I’ve noticed extra loot twice, but usually I forget to look.


Astrid looks cool :facepunch:t2: I don’t have seasonal def rider, only atlas basic one, but with good gear (each piece around lvl 3) it gives more than +50% to each HP and atk… if she’s better than Tanok maybe it makes sense for me to try and get her :thinking: (except for fortification as atlas -12% is still better) but I guess she’s no better than Lorenzo?

Btw, update works great for me so far. It was glitchy in the beginning with those crazy farmers and portraits but nothing more than that and even those bugs were fixed smoothly so I pretty enjoy those improvements :+1:t3:

Except primarchs speed indeed is waaaaay slower now…


Well, for me, I always have the best luck, during the 1st 4-6hrs of pvp events starting. :slight_smile:


Is the number of beasts related to all teams in the same region?

Are there still beasts near the castle when a teammate hunt out all beasts in his sight?


traveling speed is now lower than before :thinking: ( for short distance)
thank you for that pg…


The copy & paste is strong in this one


This way would need to be based on prime lvl which I’m not totally in favor of. At some point a teams’ slackers need to be incentivized…although that’s not PG’s job.


This is BS :rage: why can’t I go to my alliances Castle and hit there beast ? Pg You stated you can only attack your teams beast isn’t your alliance your team ? :crazy_face:


@Arelyna :point_up:t2: This!

Not being able to hit beasts on our 5TA lands has now removed the possibility of being able to obtain shards for some elements. I may be wong but I don’t think this was explained in the update release notes. Is this intended or is there a chance it will be fixed?

I’ve hit multiple beasts and have not seen any bonuses at all.

Also prims are traveling much slower, not faster.


And after I attacked a beast about 5 times I can’t attack it anymore thou it is still showing…:man_shrugging:


Check it’s level. You may not have enough hunt power. I had a beast go from a lvl 11 to a lvl 18 after I hit it 3 times and didn’t have enough hunt power to hit 18’s


@Arelyna Yeap beasts are not. Giving mine xp bonus. They are still giving the same old poacher xp with no bonus. Travel time is still super slow no way for a seiger to fly across the map in 10 minutes.


With this option being gone you will have less people willing to help your alliance also why lose the troops if you’re not going to get anything out of it


You can hit a beast only once. What you are seeing is new, different beasts spawing in the same spot.


Guessing that also support does not know about beast mechanics.
Just got asked, if I was hitting the same beast or a different one…:rofl:

So to be more precise after attacking 5 beasts in same are I can’t even select the next one showing up since the attack screen just shortly flashes up and directly vanishes again.