Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


@Arelyna could we get a better explanation of how beasts work.

According to description Beast are unique to each player. How many level 35 beasts (or highest possible level for non level 5 lands) spawn for each player any given day? And are they really specific to me ( a player) or to the team (and if a teammate hits a beast, it will go down in power).


For us non-diamond teams with only L2/L3 castles? None.


Fixed it to include everyone :roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy:


What you did to spells like Noctuas Vines ??

It dont work anymore rightly …
When i see the islands weapons and shot at them… it often just hurt them and not take them off as it should be …
If shooted, then paralyzed please… but no it wont work…

Its short before you see it straight… so there is a small angle left, but during shot you are straight,…
They take damage… but the Vines is in my hand back and i loose the flied -.-

That is really crap… fix that fastly please… Whatever you did with the sand error , you made it worse, not better… maybe sylphen is fixed, but noctua is now broken … Its really a timing problem by now.


Was announced that vine, sand and a third one are messed up with this release


That i read in 4.9
“Fixed an issue where Sylphen’s Ethereal Chains was still doing damage but not chaining towers after the Red Mage Tower was down”

in 4.92
" Spells

  • Fixed a bug where Desiccating Sand was unable to be used on the turn going into the Temple Monument Island."

Its ridiculous… the spells should work… not be damaged! -.-


@EmrahT this was posted earlier it’s a known bug


What was the issue here?


Thanks a lot, hadnt the time to look over all struct.
Hope they fix it soon


was mentioned that the patch is already available and might be out end of week… we never know until it happens


This is an old issue that can be resolved by you leaving your team and rejoining (next off day between events is my suggestion) or your team leaving and re-joining the alliance. (probably won’t convince team to do that).


Why is this stupid? Are you saying you and your teammates didn’t travel to other ally castles to maximize your shard farming? If not, you missed out.

It’s really not that hard to move around, is it different? Yes and I understand that all change can be stressful for some but how about we give it a chance, you might like it. I for one have NEVER gotten a red rider shard from a poacher, so are your sure beasts aren’t going to be better once the kinks are out?


Another great update… My game has not crashed once since 4.90 came out, and 4.92 ruined it! 2 crashes in 10 minutes, both mid-fly… Wunderschön!

it’s just another addition to the “she’s fine, just bleeding from the neck” chapter. :slightly_frowning_face:


i like that chapter :slight_smile:


Not sure why everyone is bitching about the beasts? More gold, more shards. Seem to be OK to me.

But I’m not too happy about the multiple crashes and lock ups. Seems like the game takes longer to load also…


More gold yes but some have lost out on shards now that we can no longer hit beasts in our 5TA areas.


Its not that much more stuff, and its only beneficial to some… Sure my one prime benefits, the other it hurts. Net gain = nothing but a pain.

I just dont get the reasoning behind it.

So to hit the highest level beasts we already need access to the highest level land. Why add on the need for highest level primes? All this does is encourage us to now NOT level up our weaker primes because it discourages us from using our lower level ones! What am i missing? whats the benefit for needing to use high level silver primes? Chances are if you have access to level 4 and 5 land you already have a silver. Why force us to use that silver?


The only ‘other areas’ players can travel to to attack beasts are safe zones and nml - safe zone payouts are crap, nml payouts are much better but you risk being attacked and losing troops while you are attacking beasts.

Why are we no longer allowed to hit beasts on our 5TA lands? This is a loss to many teams that do not own a castle in each of the different element areas.



I am unable to attack high beasts after a time… the window where i could click attack, is disappearing immidiately.


Here too

Our XP team bonus is still added to Mine XP but not to the Beast XP.
And as stated in the v4.90 relaese notes it should be added to both Mine and Beast XP.