Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Hmmm… how to encourage teams to risk taking more castles…

Owning castles should be rewarding, limiting beasts to castles that you own is imo how things should have been. If you want it, you should have to go and get it. No doubt these changes were inspired by teams owing level 5 lands and who, after they put the efforts and resources to getting them and holding them, found that anyone could come and profit from what they had earned every other week when the pvp shield went up. This was not right.

Part of encouraging teams to be adventurous and seek new lands is to increase their value. Beasts accomplish that. I do think that players should be able to hit beasts in their T5A lands. Part of the strategy for developing as an alliance is to determine what castles both reward the team and best fit into the alliance needs for shard types.

All shard types should be available to all teams… and they are, you can get them in the nz. Personally the risk/ reward for nml is not worth it.

I do however miss the easy access that was available with poachers, but stepping back and really looking at it, I’m not sure it should have ever been that easy.


Not anyone. Players in their 5TA. Teams that they (ideally) work with to protect the various 5TA owned castles. I’m not sure I understand your logic here at all. I should have to go hunt in neutral, where I get less gold and fewer shards, because the teams that help protect our castles and whose castles we help protect don’t deserve this small benefit of being in an alliance together?


I think that PG missed the boat on allowing teams to hit beasts in their T5A, but in a bigger, unofficial alliance, no I don’t think that is reasonable. There is no way to filter who can and can’t hit in lands in an unofficial alliance, this means going back to the old system where my teammates dropped in on level 5 castles to hit poachers during pvp weeks regardless if they were in an extended alliance or not.

Going back to lvl 5 nml and offering a risk/reward for higher level beasts, yes I can see that.


Another issue game continues crashing everytime I attempted to attack beasts and I’m a atlas elite account holder which I’m close to given up on getting it since game is broken. I want compensated seriously for your gaming issue development


Anyone else having problems with the app just randomly closing? Im on ios.


I may have missed it but I haven’t seen any complaints about not being able to go to a lvl 4 or 5 land and hit beasts. This was never anything I ever did previously anyway. The issue is not being able to hit them on your 5TA lands. If you think what you get in SZ’s will help you level your gear and do well in gear event all I can say is good luck… this again is just a problem for lower league teams as the higher leagues most likely all own at least one castle in each area.


I specifically didn’t address the reward levels or requirements since I have no input on those at this time.


Had it happen twice… up until now i have been lucky in that I have not experienced any of the black screens or crashes that other have… time will tell if this is a new trend for me or not.


These new slower prime movement speeds are painful. It takes 2-3 minutes for my sieger to move 6 inches on the map.

Just another way to get us to spend rubies. They sure jumped on that legendary gear quest trick fast but this will probably be one of the issues that takes 6 months to fix


It’s on my list of things that are either already ticketed or that I am asking the team about.

Am following up to see what is going on here.

This has already been ticketed for engineers to look into because I’ve seen a lot of players (here and in tickets) saying that primarchs feel like they’re moving slower.

I’ve already asked someone to look into this one. I, personally, am not sure off the top of my head.

This feedback is already being pushed over to the team. As with the changes with Beasts last night, I cannot make any promises about things changing, but they are being made aware of everything.

May take me some time to get a better explanation of this. Will try to have in the next several hours.


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Much appreciated as always


Look correct to me maybe instead of + they shud have just wrote x3


@Arelyna the support team is a joke and doesn’t fix anything… I’m losing out on my atlas elite account element shards troops being built can’t defend myself during regular battles nor when primarchs under attack either because it doesn’t show up.


I’ve not a beast over level 22 which I can clear if I was able to attack but can’t since game crashing all the time like usual


23 is soooooooo much better :joy::joy:


I’ve had that for 3 months. I don’t find it too inconvenient as it only happens every couple of days


I have bad news for you, it’s fine as it is:

To get the x3 payout, you need the base 100% and add 200%.


You get x3 in the end as you have your base plus 2 lots of your base. So overall you have 3 times what you would have without elite.