Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


You are correct. I was tired last night but couldn’t sleep. I just saw the 876 as x2 of the base, not x3. So my initial post was correct, they are paying correctly and that last minute to say they weren’t was incorrect. Thank you for pointing it out. :slight_smile:


Alright, PVP started. Where’s the season dragons?


They are being trained. We will get fully maxed dragons. :grin: you rock PG


Wondering the same… :grinning:


This is really starting to tick me off.


Yeah this is exactly right. And this is the same way it worked with poachers.

Notice the total was 1.3k which is rounded version of 438 * 3 = 1314

PG is inconsistent about calling things by their increase or their multiplier which includes original. 3x can be 200% increase plus original (100%) or it can be 300% increase depending on if it includes the original amount.

438 * 3.00 = 1314. (300% or 3x multiplier)
438 * 2.00 = 876 (increase) + 438 (original) = 1314


So it appears the revive pool was increase by a flat 24k for everyone.

New revive formula is
Level x 200 + 48,000

Thank you for that gift PG

Old thread for reference:




@Arelyna @PGCrisis can you update us on the season start?


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Everything is a joke. :rage:


The dragons are currently a bit delayed flying into the season. They should launch sometime before the Facebook Live Stream.


:astonished: are they coming flying damn. Trained and flying too nice. I love this season already.


Hahaha, I mean don’t dragons fly every where?


Flapping those big wings looks like a lot of work. I would probably just walk.


read the delay announcement, does sorta cover the why…but why does the dragon release have to wait for everyone else to get the update?


Because there’s a group of players who will lose their minds if the dragons are released but they don’t have the update available so other people get to enjoy season prizes while they have to wait. PG’s solution is to make everyone wait and I’m fine with that if it avoids another stupid, entitled forum explosion about certain people being prioritized over others.

People gonna complain about everything. Not giving them a good reason to do so is generally a good idea.


For those of us that live overseas and never get to see the streams live… what time would that be?


53 mins; 2 PST


In about 52 minutes.

Edit: Apparently Lutrus is better than me at everything. :rofl: