Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Meh, I guess. Seems dumb for people to be like that. If I knew I’d get them when I received the update, I’d think yea it sucks but wouldn’t be a big deal as I know I’d get them as soon as I got the update. Do those same people not have access to atlas right now?


FYI, a fix for primarchs feeling slower was just set live. Does it feel better?


You’re so awesome :heart_eyes:


Winterjól is LIVE!


Have the dragons been modified, other then then Hildr?


Nope. That’s the only one I know of.


Content within the 4.92 update is required to be a part of the season, such as the new Dragon spells and other items. Therefore, it’s required that everyone is on the 4.92 update so they can participate in the Season.

Also this. :slight_smile:


So, let’s talk about these beasts…

Previously, with poachers, a team could constantly kill them all day long, and they’d respawn, over and over and over.

Now, with beasts, you’ve just severely limited players’ ability to farm (even minimal) shards by limiting it to (supposedly) 8 beasts a day per region (which, btw, I know I have not attacked 8 beasts today, yet none are spawning in the desired region).

Is taking resources AWAY from teams a desired effect?

Just want to make sure the Atlas team is aware that that is essentially what they have just done. I now don’t have an option, other than going to a NZ, to farm shards, which btw, costs me gold bonuses.

Keep taking away from the players, we will continue to take from PGs bottom line.


What’s with the black screen of not loading?


Damn :frowning:


Could some simple specs on the beasts be released, like how often they reset on a given land, why they fluctuate in power inconsistently as well as the number of times you can hit a beast is also inconsistent. Would appreciate it. Thank you. @Arelyna @PGCrisis



Im getting a horrible bug where i cant play Atlas. When i try to move the map it freezes completely. Have to close app in order to get it working again. Cant make troops or anything. Happened towards the start of the event for two hours and then finally corrected itself but now its back doing again. Going on an hour now. Put in a ticket and support said they were looking into it but that was six hours ago :man_shrugging:


Crashing every 5 min and it took me 6 trys to claim event prizes. I would claim them and then reclaim, rinse and repeat.


Ok that much is obvious you need the update to have the dragons… granted it’s moot point now but the only thing those of us who had the update didn’t have was the dragons…literally every other part of the update seemed to be there…just doesn’t make sense for the dragons to really be excluded if every other part was there.

On another note, atlas troop event is pretty lame now. Overall I still prefer the changes as I’d rather have faster troop building than prizes. That said with the reduction in point value it really just shows us that the primary purpose of the troop production nerf was really all about reducing prizes received in events. If it weren’t, y’all would have left troop points alone.


Egg token boost isn’t working yet, either.


It can take up to 24 hours to activate. If it doesn’t show up by then, message support.


Good to know. Never knew there was a timeline. :slight_smile:
(& for the person above this one: Thanks! Didn’t even occur to me, that my newly bought 125% may not have been working the last 24-48hrs. Lol)

Edit: mine seems to be working. xD

PS: You can get red shards from Beasts?! just got one


Well since the update is out 4.92 i have been struggling to get anything done in Atlas it freezes i can not make troops or attack any of these new beasts and it kicks me out if it dos not freezes And thats only in Atlas ond in the game my Bounty Harbor shows me that i can collects something when ever i collects it, it gives me 15 rubis then after 10 sec the game crashes and show me the message about war dragons is attenoting to sync with our servers. the game will restart, this is the most bugy game i have ever played so far and PG dont do anything about it, like the locks up when u are doing a normal attack, i want to scroll down the list to see who is holding, then it locks up and i have to go back out and try again, and meny more bugs that should have been fixet a long time ago, no wonder players are deleting the dam game i will be deleting my account tonight after this message if pg dont fix the shit


Stuck on my screen on every run I do now -_-


Game worked great for a couple hours after update. Then chat stopped working. Can’t send resources. Can get into Atlas but can’t do anything without game freezing or crashing. Had same problems after last seasons update and ended up missing most of the first event. Please fix asap PG.