Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Since the update my baby alt crashed shortly after the pvp started I can log on but can’t leave my base stuck in flight normal event and atlas… ive deleted n reinstalled several times… n I’m seeing I’m not the only one. So my question is is there a plan of fixing these issues


@Arelyna any update on when the hot fix will be released to fix the 3 broken spells and/or when the rest of 4.92 will be released (special packs)

Much appreciated


Yes please PG… WORST EVENT EVER for me due to this screw up that should of already been fixed like originally stated or better yet never happened at all…


How is scouting first not relevant? Wouldn’t that have prevented this?


Because I wanted to focus on why it’s apparently okay to get 0 glory and permanent troop loss to a level 46 with a harbinger backer, rather than how I can personally circumvent aligane to avoid level 40s.

Edit: Focus on this:

Not this:


So about that 4.93? :eyes:


We’re looking to release 4.93 today which will fix the issues happening with Desiccating Sand / Ethereal Chains. We’ll update this thread again when it’ll be rolling out!


Awesome thanks for the update… what about the special packs that were supposed to come out in 4.92?


Let me double check on the status of these - they should be available within this week.


Thanks… really appreciate the responsiveness recently in the forums by the PG staff. :pray:t3:


Thank you much :slight_smile:


Sounds like the plan is to roll this out today as well!


Woooohoooo… hopefully it’s good :sweat_smile:


Is there going to be a “not interested” button or something so we might able to filter what packs we get sooner? Or is it just going to be tracked by if we buy them or not.


What about Beasts being available in 5ta lands?


Can you just tell us everything being rolled out today? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:bug::mosquito::cricket::ant: bugs?


And vines right?


Yes, and vine too.


What about them? They are already available in there