Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


To other teams players? Not for me :cry:


You have beasts you can hit on your 5TA lands?


Yes :slight_smile:


I don’t :cry:


Is this from the new update that was coming out today?


I don’t see any in my 5ta lands. Only where my team has castles.


Was there another ‘update’ or ‘something’ that was released?

I have an Android phone, says it is v4.92 - but all iPhone users on my Team cannot Join my attacks…they get the message that I have a newer version; nor can I join their attacks, as it says they have an older version. I have exited, deleted cache, restarted - just ‘happened’ in the middle of Even attacks.


For iOS is not available yet?


If your team doesn’t have castles in a 5 tier land, how is it yours?


I was waiting for this :joy: they were referring to their alliance lands


Some folks im told are getting the message they can’t join teammates because of wrong version. But as of yet nobody on my team has seen anything for either google or Apple.

I assume that’s related to this. Do we know if the new update is approved in the stores?

Unable To Join Battle Message

We are talking about beasts in lands owned by other teams in the 5 team alliance.

I see plenty of beasts on my own tier 5 castles.


Those are the beasts you get :speak_no_evil: it was actually in the update notes


I know what I see and what the update says. I was replying to this


If you’re gonna go there put a tower all the way out. Force extra fly time so you finish first.


Yes it is but I’m hoping they reconsider that and allow beasts to spawn in our 5TA lands :sleepy:


It could be, but I’m not 100% positive (I’d also assume this is the case, though). We’ve submitted 4.93 to Apple / Google now, so we’re waiting for them to propagate the update to the App Store / Google Play Store. Once that’s complete, the update will begin rolling out to everyone. We’re guessing this will be within 1-2 hours from now based on previous experience with updates in the past.


Can’t defend or back players in event because they’re suddenly “using a newer version”. At the end of a PvP event while we’re struggling for second place ranking…


Just… awesome.


I just got the update… updating now (Google/Samsung S8)


The new version should be populating to everyone soon.