Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Update: Packs need some further testing and investigation before they’re rolled out, so the plan is to release them tomorrow if all goes well with QA. :slight_smile:


Android update is out. Any word on Ios update? @Arelyna


Update is out on ios


No. Not in 5TA lands. They are only on YOUR CASTLES. Not on your alliance.


Who can I speak to about not getting my Bronze chest after a Mega run? It said I received 28 but never got them. At least I don’t think I did. Can someone let me know please. Thank you.


Why do you release an update during an event that is only available to android users? Now I can’t play the game. It keeps shutting down because it isn’t compatible because it is old. You guys suck. You ruined the entire event. How can you consider these results valid? I wanted to do more work on getting another prize, but event kicked me out of gane before I could lauch an attack. You rewarded teams that have mainly Android users and punished teams with mainly Apple users. Do you have an agreement with Android to screw Apple users? This was a total bs move. Shame on you. I usually am positive and supportive of PG on forums, but this is a great wayto cause a max exodus of players.


It’s available on iOS too


Gotta say, this was less-than-ideal timing. The update hit towards the end of the PvP event, and really messed with the ability to coordinate attacks.

Any idea why they didn’t just delay it until tomorrow, so it could roll out with the packs update?


Yeah the timing was horrible guessing they were in a rush to go home for the day lol.


This update has brought more messes. I am being kicked out of the game every time I go into Atlas or look at results. I am also getting regular black screens or the whole game freezing up.


No. It wasn’t released until over an hour after the event ended.


It would be amazing if updates WERE NOT rolled out in the middle of a PvP when it’s well know that people on different versions can’t defend or follow. Especially since it’s random how soon people get the update. We sent more than one person to their (figurative) death and couldn’t defend some runs either.

I do appreciate the fixes, don’t get me wrong. But please no more updates on Friday evenings and the last few hrs of PvPs.


Not so. I got burned by it 1 1/2 - 2ish hours left (a teammate already had it, not me)


You got the update early or got the error message without anybody having updated? That sounds like the real bug, and a new one to me. What was going wrong with the version check system for joining attacks and defenses?


Arelyna replied to my message stating an update was coming out. The problem was caused by them rolling it out, even though we had not updated yet.

I was getting this popup an hour and a half before the event ended.



Ah. This message has usually meant client version mismatch in my experience, but I guess it actually related to a server rollout for once. Interesting.


I was getting this


Our support team would be able to look into this.

We released it to both stores at the same time. Unfortunately, it does take some time to populate to everyone’s various stores. We understand the frustration that this caused at the end of Fight Pits and truly apologize.


@Arelyna I have a question related to beasts . I noticed today that when I tapped a beast it said it gave me 4.4 k shards and some gold . after killing it I got 10% less gold due to the tax , but the shards were also scaled by 10% . then I put taxes to 0 and killed another beast , this time none of bonuses got taxed , I got same amount of shards shown by the beast . So do the shards in beast scale by tax or this is a new issue ?


I don’t know off the top of my head, but I will go ask.