Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


@Arelyna Any news when can we expect new special packs rolling out? Today or? Hope they will be out for this event :blush:


Last I heard, it will be today.


Same. I got burned with about 2 hours left…


This should begin rolling out now. Please note, it may take some time for it to hit everyone’s game, so don’t expect it to be available in the next few seconds. That being said, it has officially begun rolling out!


And so far from my offer and the few teammates offers I have seen it is a complete and total joke… PG should just take these off the table now before we become even more insulted… Everyone should just be offered the $20 pack for 15k rubies and other swag…


I know this isn’t on you but please tell your guys they just wasted a ton of time and resources developing these packs!!! Why in the world would I spend .99 on 300 egg tokens and a 26k food pack when I could get them for free grinding which is what a non-spender (me) specializes in. Where is the actual value???


PG treats us like idiots… you expect us to buy this?


My entire LC is up in arms about these offers. Nobody in our league is buying one :joy::rofl:


And we all know how worthwhile and truthful LC is! :laughing:


Right? Sometimes. Truthful? Rarely (at least in full). :joy:


Bwahaha the “community” found your comment very offensive


I stopped buying packs unless it’s some kind of amazing value. This certainly doesn’t tempt me to spend:

…almost had me with the chain lightnings, cloaks, and explosive shields though, so close. /s


Honestly not sure if this is good or not.


I think they would be better off keeping it simple. A larger amount of rubies and gold chests than what comes in regular packs would probably get people to spend more than these offers will.


The fact that I have to do math to know if it’s good means I’ll never buy it :joy:


I know it says 69% off and the $100 pack says 70% off and even I can do that math.

Edited to add: it SHOULD be better and I do need those black pearls. Edited again: thought it said 2,000 :man_facepalming:t2: Going to bed because I clearly need sleep


I am getting repeated Waypoint Error messages and can’t move my Prim from where it is at. I have restarted the game repeated times and Atlas and still stuck and still getting error message


Truth hurts sometimes. People actually thought these packs would be a good thing.


Ok I understand bugs, I understand things happen, but for two days I have reported problems and get some nonsense bs from support. I am starting to get mad. I spend money on this game. I don’t want to spend every other day getting repeat nonsensical replies about restarting my game or repeatedly restarting or logging out and logging in BS from support. PLEASE FIX the damn game. I am starting to really get pissed off with all the errors lately.


And here I was stupid enough holding onto a glimmer of hope they would release the discount packs that some have been getting to everyone finally -_-