Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


$2.99. 50 sigils 50 embers and 50 eggs

1 run using egg mission gives me 56 eggs, ok so no sigils atm and only ember in gold chests. There is zero value and it is 65% off. Meaning that the full price is much more. Joke absolute joke


I’m not sure what is more funny, how awful these packs are, or that people expected something better to come from PG.


Those packs are a joke, serious PG🙄 We want those A/B test packs, not this garbage money ripoff you doing here…


Those def boosts are pretty sweet though!


'least not tower boosts…


I only get those at a really busy castle. Like aligane or during atlas attack. Are you getting from just “normal” movements?

I just keep trying to move and it eventually does. Sucks at NML if you can’t get out before you get hit though.

I did get few errors trying to summon my prim so maybe the servers were stressed out?


Anyone notice the spenders are all getting 2 dollar packs and all the inactive alts seem to be getting the good 100 dollar packs :new_moon_with_face:


I haven’t seen a good pack yet, so not sure what you are talking about here.


From a marketing stand point I find these new packs interesting and potentially valuable. I’m wondering how the in game only players are viewing them?

Definitely some work needs to be done on the price point, but that has always been a PG stumbling block.


I was stuck in NML and couldn’t move anywhere, not to Aligane not home. Funny after I wrote support twice and they told me to restart multiple times, which I did not, I finally was able to move back home.


Hmm, I always assumed it was due to the large number of primachs, maybe it’s more about NML.

Sucks when you’re trying to snipe and run back home and you can’t move and get wiped out. Or trying to move in when fresh meat arrives but you miss it due to waypoint errors.

Good times


That generally means that there were a bunch of actions taking place in the area you were in, and the server will prioritize one action over the other that all happened at the same time to be able to process through them all.


Can you give this answer to support please. They gave me some answer unrelated to Waypoint Error


Can you PM the ticket number please?


Well thank you for the explanation, but it is really frustrating to have support write me a big long email telling me how to restart my device and close the game three times to fix it lol…


what can i do to be prioritized ? :slight_smile:


It’s real hit and miss for troubleshooting steps. In some cases, those steps do work, and in others, such as yours, they do not. There is no exact science for this.

I don’t think anything, but I am not an engineer. :woman_shrugging:


They’re still having Waypoint issues, that problem goes back to April-May this year. I’m glad I not in a team with castles etc. That waypoint issue really screwed things up when going for new lands back then, it was like why even bother. Really need to escalate this issue for a fix.


I am not getting chest during my runs. Kept getting rubies zzz


11 xp runs that a teammate backed me that got rolled back and didn’t count sucks having over 300k points to use for the event but I can’tlevel my dragons to get the prizes -_-


Could my question be answered at some point, it hasn’t been over a week😂 @Arelyna @PGCrisis