Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Sorry @Jeff! Can you please bump to me again tomorrow?


@Arelyna what happened to the daily special packs? No longer being offered? No announcement about it?


It’s Sunday so I highly doubt we will hear anything until tomorrow. Honestly not really concerned I’m not receiving packs I wouldn’t buy right now anyways. Probably a good idea to pull them rather than keep pissing people off.


Who cares…they are ridiculous… they are even more insulting then atlas elite price…!!

Cant believe anybody bought one…!


I still have a daily special pack showing up. It’s not a GOOD deal, but it’s there. And at least it isn’t offering me any chain lightning spells anymore.


Please tell me you have not been suckered into buying those horrible packs.


Nope still waiting for the good packs some are getting till then just waiting to spend.


I have not… still hoping to see a worthwhile one… but nothing remotely close yet


Map freezes during attacks and trapped prims still fully able to attack are really an issue. :tired_face:


Figured I would keep this post going by adding my thoughts on the “special daily offer”. What a complete joke; total trash. Thanks PG.


I’ve to use Bluetooth to battle join others and can’t defend myself either since new update