Version 4.92 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! v4.92 of War Dragons is going to be released next week. This version will contain a number of bug fixes and some new updates for Atlas and the store. Read on for more details!



  • Changed the game icon for the Winterjól season

  • Introducing a recommendation Value Pack system into the store. See below for more information.


  • Added new spells for Winterjól Dragons

  • [Atlas] Beasts will replace Poachers as your new huntable prey in Atlas. Defeat them to earn loot! See the description of this feature in the 4.90 Release Notes.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where players on a blocked list could still send chat invites to the player who blocked them

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where the Wiloberam region was under water


  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Glory Scaling was still applied to Castle Guards in Level 4 and 5 regions

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where the ‘Craft Legendary Gear’ quest would increment before the piece of Legendary gear was actually fully crafted


  • Fixed a bug where Desiccating Sand was unable to be used on the turn going into the Temple Monument Island.



  • [Atlas] Fixed various crash issues.



  • [Atlas] Updated a few screens to indicate the status of Atlas Elite (e.g. time remaining before expiration)

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue bug where the Glory Scaling % on the Radial sometimes didn’t match the Glory Scaling % displayed in the Detail view

  • [Atlas] The Castle location button in the ‘My Battles’ and ‘Team Battles’ Ledger tabs now pans to an aerial view of the respective Castle rather than the Castle’s infrastructure page.


Value Pack Daily Offer will be a new feature in the store coming to the game within the next few weeks. The daily offer will be a value pack that is unavailable in the rest of the store that is recommended to you based on your in-game activity. With this feature, we will be able to offer players items that they may want but are unavailable within current value packs because a chunk of the playerbase may not need them at a given level or time. All existing value packs in the store will not be affected by this feature.

This feature is in testing for the next couple of weeks after it launches and we will be closely monitoring any feedback. Initially, players may receive a recommendation that may not fit their needs, but over time, these recommendations should improve as our systems become more sophisticated. To be clear; the rollout of the feature is not A/B tested and this feature will be going live to all players at the same time.


Travel Speed

The land of Atlas used to be traversable from end to end in 10 minutes. With the latest expansion of Atlas the size of Atlas more than doubled, leading to travel times as long as 20 minutes. We are adjusting primarch flight speeds such that traveling long distances is up to twice as fast and traveling short distances is a little bit faster than before. For the math savvy:

  • D = Distance to be traveled
  • Y = Maximum possible distance that can be traveled in Atlas
  • Z = Speed Bonus (Added to primarch base speed)

Z = (D / Y) + 1 (Max speed bonus = 2x)

Glory Scaling
We are reverting a change we made with the last release. Glory scaling will again be applied when attacking a primarch that is actively trapping you.

Revive Rates

After closely monitoring the impacts of our recent revive rate change, we felt the change was too harsh and have therefore decided to increase revive rates by 10% across the board. The new revive rates are as follows:

# of Flames Attacker Revive Rate Defender Revive Rate
Less than 3 60% → 70% 80% → 90%
3 65% → 75% 70% → 80%
4 70% → 80% 65% → 75%
5 80% → 90% 60% → 70%

Farmer Regeneration Rate

We listened to your feedback on wanting quicker turnaround between battles and have increased the base farmer regeneration rate by 2x for all players. Atlas Elite still provides all the same benefits as before.

Old New
Base Farmer Regeneration Rate 1440/hr 2880/hr
Base + Atlas Elite 3600/hr 7200/hr

Event Progression Prizes

To account for the increase in troop regeneration rate and the increase in revive rates, we have adjusted the event progression prizes’ point requirements for the Troop Training event and the Train Riders/Primarchs event. The prizes at each prize number will remain the same.

  • Point requirements will increase between 1.5-1.8x. See chart below.
  • Increased the number of prizes in Troop Training and Train Primarch/Riders event from 27 → 30
    • The three new prizes are in addition to the existing ones and were added to the end of the progression prizes
Prize # Point Requirement New Requirement
1 300 450
2 910 1300
3 1600 2400
4 2500 3800
5 3600 5500
6 4800 7400
7 6300 9800
8 8100 12800
9 10000 15800
10 13000 20700
11 16000 25600
12 20000 32200
13 24300 39400
14 30000 48900
15 36000 59000
16 44000 72600
17 53000 88000
18 64400 107500
19 77800 131000
20 94000 158000
21 113000 192000
22 136000 230000
23 164000 280000
24 198000 340000
25 238000 410000
26 286000 500000
27 344000 600000
(New) 28 400000 710000
(New) 29 460000 820000
(New) 30 520000 930000

Please discuss and/or ask questions in the Official Discussion Thread.


There were two things that got missed in the original release of the notes from the Atlas side of things.

Level Scaling Glory Adjustments
As time progresses, more players are reaching higher and higher levels. We also want to encourage more closely matched competition. As a result, level glory scaling bands have been tightened in this update to account for this growth.

  • Increased the player level to gain a guaranteed 100% glory from 300 → 350
  • Tightened glory scaling bands across player levels. See chart below for more info.

Level Difference Between Attacker & Defender

Banking Optimization

Currently players are at the mercy of their bankers and officers when it comes to tax rate. If an unreasonably high tax rate is set, players have to rely on one of their officers to change it again. We’re therefore adding two safeguards:

  • Maximum Tax Rate: 100% → 75%
  • A new Neutral Region Tax Rate: 10%
    • When a player sets their home to one of the team’s castles, they will face their team’s usual tax rate. However, if they set their home to a neutral region’s castle, the tax rate will be 10%

Please be aware that we have discovered an issue with the following spells in Version 4.92:

  • Desiccating Sand
  • Noxious Vines
  • Ethereal Chains

This issue is causing the spells’ sticking ability to be diminished due to the usual cast window being temporarily broken. Players will need to be facing the island before one of these spells is cast; otherwise, the tower will not be disabled.

We already have a fix for this issue ready to go, but it was not ready for Version 4.92’s release. We will be releasing another version release by the end of this week to address this issue.


Any wars that were able to be declared later yesterday afternoon and evening (PT time) will not occur. Wars will continue to remain blocked.


Daily Offers and their release will be delayed until next week due to the extended delay of Version 4.92’s release.

Atlas is now live. Atlas PvP will be re-enabled at 7:30pm PT

Atlas Elite will be extended by 28 hours for anyone who had during the maintenance. Please be aware that the Atlas Elite extension will take some time to show up on people’s accounts.

After some evaluation, we have changed the requirements for Beasts regarding Hunt Power. We do feel though that hitting high level beasts gives many more rewards than the previous poachers and should require more primarch progress. With that being said, we are greatly reducing the primarch level & troop requirements to hit higher level beasts:

  • There is no change with Bronze 1 star primarchs hunt powers
  • For Bronze 2 star primarchs and Silver 1 star primarchs, we will be increasing their base hunt power. Please see the chart below.
  • Hunt Power per Troop will increase from 0.01666666667 → 0.5