Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Hey All!

Please discuss the Version 4.94 Release Notes in this thread.

Version 4.94 Release Notes

I love that the team chat will be the default view! Thank you!

  • Fixed an issue where a Dragon Perch’s elemental damage reduction was not being applied to a tower.

Is this an awkward way of saying the problem identified by Orca has been fixed, or is this a different bug?


Im just praying these fixes dont unfix other things.


Arelyna is spell scaling only affecting spells that use base HP? From the previous discussions it sounded like base attack spells might be in the mix too.


Do spells become less powerful after this patch if a dragon does not have additional boost from riders, runes, or research?


What about 24hr timers drop on monuments? Still getting 1min timer from monument


would be great if when someone is trapping you on a castle, attacking defaults to the prime trapping you like it does when there is a taunter present instead of having to scroll thru 75 teams trying to find the person trapping you


Spell scaling without proper Atlas rollout means that we, non Atlas team, are doomed…

I don’t think so. The bug I found is about boost not being applied to Flak.


Technically I don’t think they’ll be weaker than they are. Right now your spells strength doesn’t take into account any rune, boost or research or other, just the base Dragon stats.
However, it seems that spells that sacrifice health for rage or increased damage may “cost” more health than they used to, counterbalanced by the fact that beneficial spells like Regenerate or shields will have improved efficiency (correct me if I’m wrong).


Yes, it’s also Base Attack spells as well. Sorry for the mistake in the notes. Will change right now.

The only case where a dragon would be less powerful is if they do not have a boost of any type attached to them. The 30% Dragon Attack and 30% Dragon HP consumable on a dragon will bring a dragon to current values or more.

Spell Scaling Feedback Thread

So you’re saying that this update is actually a giant base nerf since dragons with any gear will be much stronger than they were before. Bases that already struggle right now are therefore, to put it not so politely, screwed.

Again, I’ll state largely.

You’re saying this will nerf the hell out of bases.

Edit for clarity:



I don’t think people fully appreciate how much this is going to change things.



Most who face 2 dragons with maxed gear can store their entire base minus farms. It won’t make any difference anyways.

I’m just curious and I don’t know that how bad this will hit middle level players, looking at Huitzil, sage, Axi etc.

Can’t wait for the first feedback.


My poor base is dooooooooooomed :sob:




But isn’t this being tested by GPF?
Now I’m nervous


More than base nerf.
This is the end of non Atlas’s progress.


I meant what I said and cannot comment on how this has or has not been spoken of with the GPF.


I believe that atlas became too stale and they want to do something that also “unbeatable” bases can be destroyed now so there will be more action among “equals”.

That’s only a guess and atlas isn’t part of GPF itself.

But those teams without atlas can expect that their anchor 300s will be farmed successfully by way lower dragon classes than now.

All in all when it was first announced, without testing anything I knew instantly that this will be a solution which benefits only one side of the medal.