Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Pathox was never OP, Itzani was, and you decided to nerf Pathox while make Itzani more Op? :expressionless:


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What issue? You mean the one where you screwed around with tower values without saying anything? That issue?


It seems there’s a nerf to the atk boost % of Autumn’s Reap too? My Fomhar used to kill my Invader towers in one shot with Reap active. Now it takes two shots.

This is without using dragon boosts and gear equipped is:

+24% Hunter/Dragon Attack from research

Without Autumn’s Reap:

With Autumn’s Reap:


Oh that’d be perfect to nerf my number 2 dragon, too.


Lie :point_up_2:


You players didn’t really think PG could pull this off without some major issues did you?

Someone should make a list of known issues and then mark resolved when done.

  1. Super ballistas killing everything. - fixed per PG
  2. Pathox (whether OP or not) nerfed - no response from PG
  3. Fomhar nerfed
  4. Itzani now OP
  5. Hunter damage decreased across multiple dragons. - PG lied and said this wasn’t happening
  6. Spell scaling bugged as hell. - 99% of the player base knew this was going to happen


@PGKharnyx Any word on that Gunnar wing resize?


Yes this is def what is important


I have my priorities straight. :wink:


PG, I’m going to be seeking refunds if you let this stand. I feel like I’ll get them too. I had something that I paid for, you made many other dragons better and mine worse. This was a knee jerk reaction by an employee after hours that will be corrected in the morning. Right? Right.


Your Gunnar wings are problem but axi and doni wings weren’t problem it seems.
Also get your straight priorities into right topic of your own rather than spamming here


The biggest thing I am noticing is my regular dragons without a rider that use to take my invader base are having trouble finishing the Invader bases now. Which makes me sad as I liked these dragons, but they are struggling not boosted to finish the base whereas they would take the invader base with no boosts prior to upgrade with no problems.

I really like some of my regular dragons and sad to see that they are struggling even more to compete with other dragons.


Ok if pathox has been needed with no notice or warning. I have quite the problem with this. Especially considering the fact that it was EXPRESSLY stated that no hunter damage deceases will happen. I worked very hard to unlock the dragon as it was and spent a great deal of time creating a full legendary set and upgrading it (which I would have to pay to put elsewhere).

The same with fomhar to a lesser degree here. If you are going to change these things you HAVE to let us know so we can make informed choices. These are things people have potentially paid for. If you need to change him for balances reasons (I don’t see it as necessary myself as he has strengths and weaknesses. He can’t clear too far beyond his tier either ) then we deserve to know.

Please could you confirm if this is intentional or if it’s a unlucky side effect


Okay, Just noticed that Crippling chill was doing less damage than before ? I had it checked on high level farms before update and I try now and the damage is actually less than before ? Thought this was supposedly a Buff for the dragons ? I have 90/55 boost just from gears+Rider boost, 30/30, 2 legendary hunter HP runes (6%), and all the research boost up to gold tier. What the hell did they mess up now ? :man_shrugging:


Oh it was intentional. A PG employee posted in the Pathox is OP thread, saying they “fixed the issue”.


Anyone noticed that Oni‘s Derisive Shriek is doing the exact same damage after the update than it did before? No change there at all? I recorded videos from before and checked now and it really is doing the exact number of damage now than before. That can‘t be right. My Oni is quite much boosted in HP by Runes and Gear so I would have guessed the number changes somehow but staying the exact same seems very strange to me…


That was in reference to ice flaks hitting him while cloaked as far as I know though I could be wrong. I skimmed that thread


Huh? No, they nerfed pathox.


I know that I’m talking about the post he is referring to. I thought the post saying they “fixed the issue with pathox” referred to the person who posted above him that Ice flaks were hitting him