Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


The answer to almost every “why the f$%& did PG do that???” ever.


Pure speculation: to make it consistent with layout and code used by another game.


I think they thought it was “fresh” and “looked modern”. Both wrong.


So I’m getting the idea that PG doesn’t believe in “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? :thinking:


I think it’s a lightning rod.


when I said " Could this get any worse?"

somebody took it as a challenge… :scream_cat:


That makes sense, standardization increases efficiency, which saves money


Like they added a 0 to both primary and special dmg per second for the ballista lol hope it stays :rofl:


Instead of just leaving it the same or making it match Atlas? Hmm. No.


I wonder in which dimension is rusty brown fresh compared to grass green… smh


Later I’ll look up the original UI (it’s on my external).


PG owns multiple games right? Use the same templates across the board and reduce man hours.


Would make sense if it was true. Their other UIs don’t look like this.

Edit: actually the layout is like Wild Beyond. Sizing and actually colors and whatnot is of fun but still. So it seems their flagship game (us) was fucked with to help their…lovely…game that’s doing oh so well.


I miss the old UI… the grey was so much more attractive than the ugly brown and orange we now have :expressionless:


Invaders will be useless


Huh? How?


Why did my base go down in DP if they only adjusted spells? :sleepy:


This is what I get :rofl: no scrolling my ass


Me too lol


When a single level 63 ballista can take down my 3.3b Oni down a 1/3+ of its health…