Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Guess why i see no problem is if inverted or dodged


Means the lead needs a backer always if the dragon doesn’t have those spells


I think the point is that invaders are meant as an easy XP base. My Oni is expert, boosted, runed, and with pretty okay gear.


But looks like u just let it hammer u :man_shrugging:


That was just one, on the first island. Sometimes the invaders have like 4 at the start, and multiple throughout the base.


True… trebs cannons and archers arent dealing anything similar if left alive?


The fire rate for ballistas has also gone up.


A single shot of ballista took my Obsidian Hildr down ! That’s crazy ! @PGJared


So is this intentional? Permanent? Do we need to rethink bases now?


I thought the ‘base nerf’ was just due to dragons getting stronger. I didn’t think actual base dp would be nerfed. :sleepy:


Here is three archers:

See the issue compared to a single ballista:


Time to break out the ballista resist


Holy carrot cake! I need to check out what they did in Atlas. (But I am scared to death)

Great part: I can’t lose any hair on it… :hugs:

but my lv 150 mate dancing around and bashing 300+ bases with Cavalieris sounds like something difficult to believe


One of my teammates just said they took away paying for elite with rubies. Can anyone confirm?


Incorrect: accounts that had it still have it.


Although if said player let the elite laps without adding more time, they might have lost the ability to buy with rubies…

Or maybe it’s just a glitch. Who can tell with PG?


Must be a glitch on his end, I’ll tell him to put in a ticket. Thanks Red :kissing_heart:


Tell him to reinstall. From what I’m told fixes it.


That’s funny. I didn’t see anything on the official release notes regarding altering ballista. Could the reason ballista blow after level 20 or so is because there was an artificial cap placed that PG fixed covertly? :thinking:


Yes i have acknowledged the issue i just was curious about the other non elementals like why was only ballistas dps messed with