Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Haha just read this…mind = blown :exploding_head::rofl:

But yeah literally just looks like they moved the decimal 1 space to the right on ballistas dps


It reminds me of when they had that maximum damage cap in place. Then they removed it, never mentioned it on the update, and hoped we wouldn’t notice. Update comes out and dragons getting massacred.


On the description box it stays the same, I checked with Dragon manager with my strongest ballista (lv 17 xD) so I wonder how people see exactly that ballista power is now tenfold. I do see it vs. invader though, for sure! :joy:

I’m kidding, but would it be relevant to upgrade ballistas now? :rofl: I somehow find this change hilarious…


Well u just take dragon hp and number of shots primary and javelin each separately as well as the duration each attack will last

My lvl 47 ballista took half of a van oni’s hp using supershots no sword

With sword its basically 95% lethal success rate… but of course they had to just let it punish them


Doesn’t matter if it expires, old accounts keep it forever. It’s a known bug that sometimes you have to reinstall to get it back.

If he hasn’t reinstalled the game yet you might have him try that first. (Make sure he has a pocket account or it’s linked to Facebook first)

This. It breaks often for people especially after and update.

Most of the times you just need to reinstall.


Thank you all, reinstall fixed it.


Sorry about that folks! The team just made an adjustment to address this issue with ballistas. Please PM me if this issue still persists.

Update made invader base ballista OP?

So I shouldn’t have maxed my ballistas :fearful:. /S


Are they back to recent original dps or are they altered in any way from recent original dps?


@ MartianExile back to the original dps


Chaos on Aibrean seems weaker. One level ago during breed it would single shot towers on my invader. Now it will not. I have Nal with random left overs from crafting gear for Pathox. I have the research done so with that and gear I’m at 39.7% attack and 42.6% hp. I thought a 30% buff was supposed to return it to pre scaling numbers. Add in the fact that it would single shot at a level lower and I’m closer to 50%.


Also Pathox seems off from examples.
Pre scaling no boosts

Post scaling no boosts

Post scaling with 30% boost

My gear

I also have the research done for 12% attack and 20% health. My gear should have easily covered the 30% decrease.


They nerfed the hell out of him because a few people whined that he was OP. I’ve got even better gear than you do, and I’m doing less damage than before scaling too.


@DragonPunch what’s going on?


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Did you level up during Fort and passed an Invader threshold? Maybe there’s that reason.


I’m talking leveling Aibrean in this last feed event. No change to player level.


Mine seems to do less damage, as well.


Well this one is all Mech’s fault


No need to freak out. It’ll get sorted out eventually, maybe