Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


any of ya’ll have actual numbers?

i never fly with dmg numbers on… but my pathox still 1 shots my invader towers without boost…and my gear is significantly worse than any posted here


Pre scaling 7.3M
Post scaling 9.9M
Post nerf 6.2M with approx. 125% total HP boost


These numbers had the 125% boost too? I wonder if that matters though. All the percentages being thrown about are confusing. No game should require this much math


For me:
pre was 3.59M with no 30% boost
Post with no 30% boost 3.44M (double base health gear, rider, and research)
Post with 30% boost 3.97M


I didn’t know I was freaking out, thank you for letting me know. That said it is always good to have a dragon nerfed you saved 3 seasons for, so hope they fix it.


Sorry I read your post wrong. I’m sure you weren’t calling Mech out for a fault of PG’s.

Same boat here, my main has Pathox too.


These all had the same rider, gear, boosts, runes, research, etc. Pre scaling none of that mattered, naked pathox did the same chill damage as maxed out HP buffs. But the 2nd two sets of numbers had the same exact HP buffs.


It was sarcasm :roll_eyes:


Sorry again, the sarcasm thing is hard to detect without the /s or an emoji :scream:


Be careful, they don’t take kindly talking with that kind of negativity in these parts. We are supposed to worship certain people here and not go against their words…


Test him out again now, and see how much less damage you do.


Well they didnt use many words before nerfing him. I quoted exactly what they said before the nerf up above. And if youd rather I judge them based on their actions instead of their words, I’d give the same exact response. It’s especially ridiculous that they would do a major nerf like this right before leaving the office for the night, why wouldnt they wait until tomorrow, get some feedback from the GPF, then make a determination on what to do?


I’m still showing slight decrease at 100% extra HP but slight increase when adding a 30% consumable. Was your pre scaling number post a fireball attack and your post nerf with no fireball attack?


If you have plus 100% hp and it is showing a decrease then it’s a nerf. Gear was supposed to boost the spell, the 30% boost was as they said to bring it back to normal, add your 100% and it decreases from usual? That’s a nerf unless I’m misunderstanding this entire update


It definitely isn’t the buff they promised.


I did all the tests without using Deaths Door for simplicity sake.


It definitely isn’t a buff


Pathox is op however I don’t believe any dragon should be nerfed after it is released hence my huitzil on a perch now but it seems several were nerfed my coatl which took 2 hits to take down an invader tower now takes 3 so seems like a total cluster …


then thats a pretty significant nerf… not many will be too happy about that if it sticks


Pathox isn’t OP though. He can waltz through trash bases all day, but against a good base with defenders, he can’t hit much above his tier.