Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Okay, Just noticed that Crippling chill was doing less damage than before ? I had it checked on high level farms before update and I try now and the damage is actually less than before ? Thought this was supposedly a Buff for the dragons ? I have 90/55 boost just from gears+Rider boost, 30/30, 2 legendary hunter HP runes (6%), and all the research boost up to gold tier. What the hell did they mess up now ? :man_shrugging:


Oh it was intentional. A PG employee posted in the Pathox is OP thread, saying they “fixed the issue”.


Anyone noticed that Oni‘s Derisive Shriek is doing the exact same damage after the update than it did before? No change there at all? I recorded videos from before and checked now and it really is doing the exact number of damage now than before. That can‘t be right. My Oni is quite much boosted in HP by Runes and Gear so I would have guessed the number changes somehow but staying the exact same seems very strange to me…


That was in reference to ice flaks hitting him while cloaked as far as I know though I could be wrong. I skimmed that thread


Huh? No, they nerfed pathox.


I know that I’m talking about the post he is referring to. I thought the post saying they “fixed the issue with pathox” referred to the person who posted above him that Ice flaks were hitting him


Oh sorry. No they fixed him by nerfing him


This was the response


The post was in reply to mechs post with the cat picture, where he was making fun of the people complaining about pathox being OP. Apparently DragonPunch doesnt understand sarcasm, and took that as mechengg agreeing that pathox was indeed too OP.



A lot of people are unhappy but there are some really good changes with this update.

Chat defaulting to Team Chat for one. I am really excited to see that my Warriors and Sorcerer dragons that I so much love… Please none of the haters reply, but am happy to see they may become as competitive as the Hunter dragons.

I see a few issues but I believe with the monitoring they will correct issues.


Then I stand corrected. I assumed it was the actual bug report. Why wasn’t this noticed during testing. Why was the recent updated post sent out EXPLICTLY saying no undocumented hunter nerfs would occur


I like all the changes, well done PG , perfect, 10/10 .

Edit: I am just saying I like it, because when we say we like things PG changes things , shhhh don’t tell them I told you this.

Ps: hey PG where is my iPhone and cuddly dodo, I stayed I did not leave, I was not disloyal, share share please.


Coatl,hildr and last seasons discount warrior are weaker on my invader base so unfortunately it seems like warriors and sorcerers are still as useless maybe worse post update as they were before.


So ballista:

  • it was pretty much useless in 2017 already
  • someone poured gummiberry juice on them
  • 15 minutes fame
  • the effects of gummiberry juice wore off
  • now ballistas do hardly any visible damage


Base hp base damage what difference does it make. You were saying it doesn’t belong on the list and it does. You’re just arguing semantics at this point and I’m not going to do that with you.


Anxiously awaits news that the Pathox nerf was a bad mistake… :sweat_smile:



But who besides us old farts know who the shadow is?



Poison is still buggy. Http://


Can we please have gummiberry pots added to the forge please?