Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Indeed, it’s weird. I see an increase of only 65% instead of 85%. I’m not pleased…

Edit : @Nidhoeggur wow what? Instant kill with ballista! That’s hilarious! Sorry mate… I’ll try my invader too… :sweat_smile: Yesterday it was fixed…


It’s me or all of my hunter’s projectiles travel really slowly since the update…!

And all their damage seem real low too… used to almost 1shot everything on invader with talon fremzy on Avyx, now it take 3 shots…

On the orher hand, Thubderbolt on my Borgian now seem usefull again :laughing:, and Sandstorm on Necryx is destroying everything :sweat_smile:

Kinda weird a CC spell (sand) do more dmg then TF which is a damage spell…!


At least, for a while there, everyone agreed with you that ballistas were worthy of respect. Hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Equestor’s acquired spell bug has resurfaced with the update, and I am very unhappy about it:

If you have a spell loaded when passing the seagazer perch island or its Atlas equivalent, and deploy that spell, whatever the next one will be stays grey for the rest of the run.
Thunderbolt can be used, unless you have chain lightning down there…


I can’t clear my invader base even with expert Mythic Vanguards. I notified customer support and they sent a canned response basically saying all changes were vetted through the Gameplay faction and to get over it. Whatever the hell that means… In either case my dragons are now useless for the time being and the game experience is mind numbing. Hard to see a reason to continue spending on a game that offers little in return.



I’ve had that bug on him forever


Something similar happened to me with jorm.


Are you a level 400+ player? I wonder if maybe they already scaled top-tier invader bases for the next dragon tier, despite it not being released yet? That would explain a massive jump in invader difficulty, beyond just the dragon nerf.

Not that that is of any help to you…


I haven’t seen that bug since 4.92, but until then it was more common with Extract / Steal Essence users.

Zaru doesn’t show the symptoms yet, and there’s no more dragon of his kind on my roster nowadays…

Why Zappy? My poor horsey… :sob::sob::sob:


A single comment and one joking reply to another is hardly “spamming.” The question is relevant. This is something PGKharnyx said would most likely be pushed out in the first update of 2019, hence me asking. I’m sorry I bothered you so much.


i’ve seen this post in at least 2 or 3 threads iirc :roll_eyes:
And i’m more concerned because i like tiny gunnar with those clearly visible feather wings :man_shrugging:


Yes…this account is over 400. I cannot even use my 300 alt to complete the run. Comparing screen shots from Monday even my hunters have been nerfed…by a few hundred million. PG once again has broken faith with the players. It’s no wonder why everyone is so skeptical. It will be very hard to rehabilitate broken faith.


I bet if you did the math it would be a 30% reduction.

I’m not sure why they had to reduce regular attack power to adjust the spell. Seems stupid to me. If they didn’t want the spell to be over powered then just reduce the damage the spell does.


You should edit your original post and your quote because the supposed link to this blog entry actually direct us to Crisis’ November forum post.

It took me half an hour to find the correct link from the moment I started looking.


Judging by the ballistas, PG was screwing with things other than spell damage, so I wouldnt be surprised to find that they also changed regular attack damage.


I am suspecting spell range of attack too. Shots arent landing like they used to and some are defaulting to live towers closer to me. Is this a possibility?


With PG, anything is possible. They should be in the office by now though, so hopefully they start by undoing all the nerfs they said wouldnt happen, and then make any further changes BASED ON ACTUAL FEEDBACK AND EVIDENCE!!!


Are you sure you’re just not realizing this for the first time? Shots have limited range (and they have since I started playing 3 years ago). Heal mark has always been funny with which tower it goes to, especially back left tower on 3/perch interaction. Let’s not make a big issue about something that hasn’t changed.


omg I thought it was only me having this , they need to fix it


There is a trick to it but very painful to keep doing it consistently . I learnt to hit perch directlywith mark after that :sweat_smile: