Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Aim on the inside of the left tower to get tha hm on that tower. If it’s on the outside then it’ll go to the perch.


Very difficult to prove anything but yeah I agree. Targeting and radius seems to be off on at least some spells. GL getting PG to admit to anything though.


Please note that we are continuing to evaluate spells. Currently, Crippling Chill is doing 8% of Pathox’s modified HP as damage.


Just downloaded the new version.

With all the things identified as wrong, why they he’ll did you need to change the attack listing screen which didn’t need changing?

NO, DO NOT LIKE! Just no. Bloody change it back!


I am confused Arelyna, saved for 2 years for my first divine mythic, and now it’s been changed. This is not good. :pleading_face::sob::sob:


I like having more room to see the actual base but the UI doesn’t look very nice.


I posted this in another thread as I thought it might have something to do with the bug,

but thinking it might have to do with the update. I changed the dragon on my perch and my stats for defense power went all wonky. I had a couple people look at it and checked it with my alt, but on my profile it says 46.9 Defense power but if you go to the attack screen it shows 1.24M (which would be right unboosted), but mine has always shown same before I switched dragons, although I have seen in the past weird stats from profile to attack screen. The only thing I am concerned about is how deceptive this is if someone didn’t look at attack screen. Two of my team mates said they saw 46.9 M on both screens, so I am not sure if it is something old I just haven’t seen or if it is something to do with the update.


have you tried boosting a monument after replacing the dragon? It tends to go up and down whenever you change the dragon there. Boosting the monument should update your defense power to the correct value as far as I know.


I tried boosting a monument, tried putting something in storage and taking it out. Thought it might update over night and still showing the same.


Did you go from Warrior to Sorc or Hunter? That could be one of the reason why it went down.

Sorc is pretty much useless in my opinion and rather have a warrior perched for the HP buff + HP Shield on a random tower.


I went from Sorc to Hunter. My stats didn’t go down they went up. I went from Chompa to Icicle. Stats on the attack screen went up and look right it is just the stats on profile page use to show same as the attack page and show 46.9. Changing a dragon should not have dropped my stats by 65 M. I had 114 M before I changed dragons. I have 124 M after change on the attack screen. Looks like I have typo on first message as it was 124 M not 1.24… Anyways the profile page is way off.


Ironically they lost mine for it lol


@Arelyna Chat was defaulting to Team chat last night after update but it is defaulting today to League Chat?


Kind of not digging how PG is creating a trend of nerfing the mythic divines after the fact. I worked my tail off all last season to get Pathox as advertised, now he’s weaker.

Note to self: Never bother getting a mythic divine.


The thing is that if they nerfed on purpose, how you can continue using their products and spending your most valuable resource, called “time”?
That’s why I’m asking an official position


I agree, this is a bad trend. I was upset after they nerfed Sage many times ( thunderstorm, shield, regenerate). I am upset again.

No more buying packs to obtain mythic divines.
No player happiness incentives will make me happy.


To be 100% fair to PG, they’ve shown us who they are time after time. We just don’t seem to believe them.


Any idea why this was considered a good idea? As opposed to a way to screw over players? Now Pathox does less damage with a 30% boost than he did completely unequipped.

For reference, using my Pathox as a guide:

Old Pathox (unequipped)
7,830,994 baseHP * 0.14 = 1,096,339 damage

Initial Spell Scaling Pathox (with 30% health boost)
7,830,994 baseHP * 1.3 * 0.11 = 1,119,832 damage

So initially we were looking at (1,119,832/1,096,339) * 100 = 102% of Pathox’s previous damage. Perfectly reasonable.

But this was blown way out of proportion thanks to gear being stupidly included in calculations. After all:

Spell Scaling Pathox (with 30% health boost, 12% rider boost, and 100% gear boost)
7,830,994 * 2.42 * 0.11 = 2,084,610 damage.

Which meant that with good gear, and a rider, damage was increased to (2,084,610/1,096,339) * 100 = 190% of original damage. Which was obviously too high.

RATHER than taking the REASONABLE route, and NOT including stupid gear in the calculations, you decided to nerf Pathox. Resulting in the following:

Post-“fix” Pathox (30% health boost)
7,830,994 * 1.3 * 0.08 = 814,423 damage

(814,423/1,096,339) * 100 = 74% of original damage. So a normal Pathox, WITH the health boost, now does less than 3/4 of the damage it did before. This is an INSANE and INSULTING overreaction.

And to make matters worse:
Post-“fix” Pathox (30% health boost, 12% rider boost, 100% gear boost)
7,803,994 * 2.42 * 0.08 = 1,516,080 damage

(1,516,080/1,096,339) * 100 = 138% of original damage. So well-geared dragons are STILL getting a HUGE boost, while those without are getting a MASSIVE nerf.

I see no way in which this was not a stupid and bad decision. @DragonPunch have any explanation for this?


You spend time because of your friends and teammates.
You can still play, but just don’t spend anymore.

PG can change things despite warnings from players. Players can withhold spending despite promises from PG. We’ll see who blinks first.


couldn’t they do something like make gear additive instead of multiplicative or something? I don’t have the patience you have to run the numbers.