Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Presumably, they could simply have left riders and gear out of the equation entirely, preventing the already imbalanced elements of the game from becoming even more imbalancing.

And then they could have done something smarter, like simply adjusting sorcerer and warrior spells to higher percentages, rather than adjusting all spells to work off modified HP.

But no. That would make too much sense.


so this isn’t just a “simple” order of operations gone awry? I was hoping…



Nope. This is them not bothering to listen to players - and presumably, to the GPF - when they said that this would lead to gear imbalancing everything even worse than it already does.

And it seems that PG’s response was reactionary nerfs, which DIDN’T solve the problem with gear becoming even more overpowered, and DID utterly screw over players who weren’t at the top.


Why 8%? That’s a nerf.

Do we all have to start asking for refunds from Apple?


I actually like it. I find it much easier to see and compare the rrs per base. Go figure :woman_shrugging:


The formula isnt that simple. If you test the math against actual damage done, it’s completely off.


Chat is defaulting to lc :expressionless: the matchmaking screen on my main still covers half the base which is on iPad not to mention is ungainly and WHY did you feel it necessary to swap food and lumber? Every time it seems you switch something random for absolutely no discernible purpose other than maybe someone gets a laugh out of our consternation? On my alt which is android the entire base shows on attack screen … not even getting into the dragon spells as much better informed players than I have shown ample proof


Agreed. If they did nerf Crippling Chill by 30% like other spells based on HP, from 14% it would be about 10%, not 8… (Numbers based on @ForScience spreadsheet).

There’s no reason it should be different from other spells. There are probably other spells where we’re screwed but checking all these spells would take a long time…

It’s in the list. Don’t screw people with false advertising. Be fair.

This spell scaling is crippled by bugs, and we’re not chill about it.


Do you have the mythic glyph equipped on pathox? (Mine shows expert at 20%)

As I understand it, it was destroying completely maxed bases without blinking.

I think this is a combination of impact from 20% crippling chill rune increase as well as hp numbers at max level when stacked on top of modified stats.

As it currently stands, if nothing else is wrong, you need 75% buffs to break even.


I can confirm that if there is banter in League Chat, or in a group chat, it still jumps to those chats when I open the chat window. @Arelyna can you have someone look into this?


Any news on when Pathox gets unnerfed?:expressionless:


Where is this list? Can’t find it. Thanks!


Sounds like this behavior is intended from the team. Team Chat should appear as the default chat upon startup, and can change back to League or Group Chat if there is activity in those. That being said, we are interested in furthering this change such that Team Chat remains the default no matter what activity is happening in the other chats, and we’ll include this in future update patch notes when it’s ready!


Hey all!

Thanks so much for providing us with further feedback regarding the changes we made to Pathox last night. Initially, we reduced Crippling Chill’s damage to 11% of Pathox’s Modified HP to account for the buff that spell-scaling gave the spell. After Version 4.94’s launch yesterday, we had heard from many higher level players that Crippling Chill was doing more damage than intended with towers being defeated in 2 shots rather than the previous 3 shots. We further reduced Crippling Chill’s damage to 8% of Pathox’s Modified HP to restore the 3-shotting behavior for high levels before Spell Scaling; unfortunately, this resulted in Crippling Chill performing a bit weaker to players than we anticipated. We are releasing a hotfix to buff the damage from 8% to 9.5%.

Vanguard player gets the tier for free?
Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?

At the bottom :wink:


This 9.5% change is now live.


Care to clarify if this will result in Pathox STILL doing less damage than before the Spell Scaling, when equipped with the 30% health boost?

And whether this will result in Pathox STILL doing dramatically more damage than before the Spell Scaling, when equipped with the boost, a maxed rider, and maxed gear?

And, for that matter, would you care to address how this may significantly weaken Pathox at tiers below Vanguard?

It seems like you’re balancing for a single situation, without regard for other levels/tiers, without regard for riders, or runes, or boosts, or gear.


I hold out hope that it will be adequate for those of us who worked our butts off last season to get Pathox but are not in the position of having end game dragons because we have not dropped enough money on the game to purchase a new luxury car… which I believe is roughly how much a base costs to have maxed out end game dragons :expressionless:


Yeah white cloak isnt enough or ability to deal significant damage while cloaked or that it can freeze towers


~10.77% is 30% (original nerf) so you need it to be that or higher to give you a break even with the buff alone.

Not convinced the glyph is working properly, but if you had the expert glyph it should be a net positive when combined with 9.5% and the dragon hp buff