Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Simple. Nerf gear.


I assume that it is an attempt to comphensate for the large boost given by gear without them having to think too hard about how it might affect those without really nice gear.


So now that defending is near pointless and attacks will pretty much be 5 flames, can we get the atlas revival rates switched back to favor defenders? /s


[quote=“Lutrus, post:544, topic:81357”]o
Let’s not make a big issue about something that hasn’t changed.
No one is making it a big issue :woman_shrugging:
Since the update my targeting and range is different. It never hurts to ask if its been changed too.


I have no idea what’s happening.

So: after the first announcement regarding Pathox spell being changed (by Dragonpunch), I immediately noticed less power - so I tested on a farm and saw I did ~5.8m damage with rider and boosts.

Then I thought - maybe I should reinstall as that’s quite low. So I did, and the damage went up to 7.1m. So, that’s ok I thought, not too bad.

Then today’s announcement that they have subsequently partially reversed that nerf from 8% to 9.5%. So great I thought, I should get more power!

I then did a run on the same farm and damage reduced(!) to 5.8m!

Then I thought - maybe you should reinstall again so I did, and damage went up to 6.5m!


  1. Why does damage keep changing depending on whether I reinstall or not?
  2. Why is my final damage of 6.5m still LESS THAN the 7.1m I had before the change back from 8% to 9.5%?

@Arelyna @DragonPunch


Gold packs are not working.

I have 495k gold and (7) 500k gold packs.

I use one gold pack. It now shows 995k gold and (6) 500k gold packs. So far all good.

Try to revive troops and get an error about not enough resources. Restart the game and I am now back to 495k gold and (7) 500k gold packs.

Edited: I have attempted this 4x with the same result. I have deleted and reinstalled the game. Same issue. I do not get a sync error.

New Gold Packs anyone else having issues?



I guess at this point all we can do is laugh or cry. Laughing is more fun. :joy:


I choose laughter as well :rofl::joy::rofl:


Yep, same PG shinannagans all over again.


I have players saying the dp went up significantly on their invader bases … can’t say I’ve noticed anything remarkable on my end but they can no longer finish runs they had no problems with before… and it’s the dp that changed not their dragons stats

Edit: I followed my 1 player her dragon literally lost huge chunks of health and died when there were no towers left in that section!! Wtff!

Other players report getting no xp for runs (or something stupid like 4xp)

Gold isn’t always counted after runs even after rebooting (I’m totally missing a full runs worth of gold)

Edit edit: seems the ballista glitch is still a thing that’s what’s causing her issues… can’t remember who to tag? Anyone?

Also anyone else crash consistently while watching banners? I’m on iPad Pro it doesn’t happen every time but pretty much every time I crash I’m watching banners for some reason


Just wait until level 80 towers drop this month. Or is it 85? The same people crying now about Pathox being overpowered will be crying he’s too weak when new towers drop.


We already knew that Pathox couldn’t hit too much above his tier :rofl:


EVERYTHING in War Dragons depends on whether you reinstall or not.



  • Gold packs are not working
  • sieger boosts not applying
  • Was not getting the extra XP from gold mines about when new season came out.



I think prime boosts in general aren’t working yet. :disappointed:

Sort of sucks to have glitching xp during breeding, too…


Just to make this absolutely clear…

Update was being rolled out that was KNOWN to cause dragon attack power to increase.
(IE towers die from less shots)

Update goes live, tower dies with 1 less shot, you nerf 1 specific dragon to go back to killing towers in the same # of shots as before the update.

So… why update?

To ninja nerf 1 specific dragon?
If this is being done for all dragons…
Would this not just be a massive investment of man-hours with little to no tangible game play change?


I see you have made changes to Pathox. What about other hunters? They are still getting nerfed. Thanks


@DragonPunch, just wanted to let you know that Ballistas are doing roughly 1/10th the damage they should be doing to my dragon… please fix and if possible please also check on enervating/ weakening ability with poisoned dragons and make sure its enabled on both research and runes. Thank u for your time.


Also, gold packs are full of fools gold and troop training is kinda frustrating bc idk how to even use diamonds instead when theres a bunch of phantom gold in storage