Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Yes, and not only make Chat always default to TC, how about a button in Settings where it can be blocked or disabled?


The issue with Gold Packs should be resolved as of a few minutes ago. If you are still facing issues, please submit a ticket to our support team.


and the issue with primarch buffs? ( or do they take 24h this season?)


It would make more sense to me to default to team chat on launch, and then default to the last used chat each time I re-open chat during a session.


@Michiiyy, I’ve just gotten word from the Atlas team that this should currently be working now. Please force close and reopen for this to take effect.


Still the same for me. Primarch buffs are not working.


@Sandberg, just got word that the team is looking into it further.


So are we just going to ignore the fact that they nerfed all hunters by making you have a boost on to equal unboosted strength pre patch?


I guess. We seem to have accepted the Pathox nerf as final as well and a whole lot of other unresolved stuff too. A/B testing still going on for example. We just keep going back like an abused spouse at this point.


Only spells are nerfed. Hunters ammo are not nerfed. Itza is as strong now as before. But thats for all dragons :slight_smile:


It doesn’t play that way. I have friends telling me that what used to take one shot on invader now takes two. I’ve heard it here on the forum as well. Maybe this was unintended but it definitely happened.


I will add these as suggested changes. :slight_smile:


I feel heard. :smile:


Yep, without dragon boosts my Fomhar can no longer 1 shot Invader towers using Autumn’s Reap. That’s with about 80% increased attack from Research/Gear too.


All my dragons that I use are weaker now not just hunters even my poor coatl which could 2 shot my invader towers now takes 3 what a shame this could have been a good thing but they made it a bad thing as usual.


I’m experiencing the same decrease. Used to be 1.85 increase from normal shots, now it’s about 1.65 unboosted and boosted.


Multiple people reporting Fomhar and Avyx not doing enough damage after the change. Doing less damage and in some cases dying on their invaders.

It seems they have something broken in regards to damage amp spells.

I’m almost curious to find out if pathox’s damage marker would cause weaker rather than stronger hits.

Also the numbers don’t add up if you consider the rune spell boosts


Pathox has a passive spell influencing normal ammo also, may be related to that.


Pathox is doing the same amount of ammo damage as before the update. So is Neptus, and he has an almost identical passive. I haven’t flown Avyx or Fohmar in weeks though, so I wouldnt be able to test them. Gunnar however is doing much more damage with Snowblind than before the update, and I havent noticed a difference with his normal shots. Axi does the same on normal shots, and Rainbow Shot does slightly more (with some hand me down gear and 30% boost).


Is this the problem?

I thought that Autumn’s Reap already used modified damage stats so was anything done besides nerfing his spell?