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I’m pretty sure Autumns Reap was a 85% boost to base attack, but I cant find the spell description.


Autumn’s Reap - Active, Blue, 2 Rage

  • Gain 85% increased damage and 50% rage generation for a 4 second duration. Restores health by 20% per tower destroyed while active. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.


Yeah I noticed this too. hilder also seems much buffed. (I was maxing them vs my invader and the spells were doing significantly more damage even without a rider or any real buffs). - I guess I’m not surprised that the “new” dragons they would make sure worked correctly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs tested the change primarily with this seasons new dragons.

Some people do see differences with pathox but I agree it seems the same mostly.

Avyx and fomhar are definitely impacting several on my team and have been mentioned all over the forums as weaker. I suspect they may have common code between their damage amp spells


Aibrean is weaker too. What’s is the point of spell scailing anyway, certianly not this nonsense.:roll_eyes:

Spell Scaling FAQ

Will Warriors and Sorcerers be better than Hunters after Spell Scaling takes effect?

Spell Scaling will help increase the viability of Warriors and Sorcerers. Hunters will receive the same amount of changes since the spell scaling formula is consistent for all spells, regardless of Dragon class. No damage will be decreasing for our beloved Hunters


I experienced this too, gunnar does really much damage now, hildr seems stronger too - maybe only PR who knows :thinking:


Certainly none of the stuff happening was planned. It was rushed. They probably are touching code that scares them.

The point is to make spells scale with the dragon. If you use max neptus on a max base his kill spell doesn’t even kill a tower and that’s a harbinger vs vanguard base.

If they are, it’s not because of spell scaling but because it was calibrated to be that way.

Warriors and sorcerers are usually heavily spell depending so they basically only work well in the top tier they were released for. This should allow them to better scale for smaller tiers as well as next tier (it doesn’t become a boat anchor the very next season)

If they are stronger then pg chose to make them
Stronger rather than equal.


I’m really confused. Tons of formula changes to get each spell to be approximately as strong as they were before the changes. So what have you balanced? Other than nerfing these abilities for new players?

@Arelyna @DragonPunch

Edit: just saw someone else asked this same question. Oh how the stupidity continues.


It’s because you’re dead and in borrowed time.


That’s cause Hau is dead. She is still flying due to Borrowed Time. You can’t use spells during this time but can still use regular shots until the time ends and Hau dies. Borrowed Time is awesome, since it builds up rage and you can try to wipe out towers before it ends. :heart_eyes:


I don’t bother to blink. Hau’s other spells are useful enough to keep her active. She’s the one I use when defenders kill my lead dragon and I’m left with no rage. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s why Axi is in my roster :ghost: Use him to regain rage for final dragon :upside_down_face:


How dare you talk about axi and use a ghost emoji instead of :axi:


Because I wanted a “Boo!” effect :rofl::rofl:


Ballistas are still broken FYI, at least from a few hours ago


They do a large amount of damage again?


I have just done a few gold runs, and ballistas still pat dragons with a silk towel. I don’t see any “improvement” in their lack of strength.


No they arent doing enough, not even close.

EDIT sorry was driving and read that wrong… but yeah they are dealing virtually nothing for dmg

Its like they went from x10 to 1/10th


You are reading (and replying to) a technical forums while you are trying to drive a motor vehicle?


Well that’s the point of stop lights, right? :thinking:


Was at a red light for your quote and it turned green for his lol