Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


no worries, just be careful on the road.


I am really shocked that this still happens.
Does your state not have legislation around this?


Marijuana is still illegal here :man_shrugging:

I wonder how many texting while driving accidents are caused while waiting on a red light.


Texting and driving is against the law. If I’m at a red light, I’m not driving :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, that’s not how things work lol.


I had a co-worker who got ticketed at a red light responding to the dispatcher via radio on a Nextel phone. :man_facepalming:


texting and driving causes more accidents/fatalities than drinking and driving in most states…


I agree with you 100%. :+1:t3:


Hey all,

Please keep this to 4.94 discussion. Feel free to take other discussions to an off-topic thread.


Updated the Default chat screen to be Team Chat

So did this not make it into the update because TC is definitely still not the default chat. Still constantly LC or GC


I did a little testing and it seemed to work properly for me on iOS 12. YMMV


I have the same issue.


YES YES YES! That is what we want! To never see League Chat unless we click on it!

I just launched the game and team chat is not default. Saw nothing but LC


Also the attack screen was supposed to show an entire base without scrolling? You changed the target generator as everyone has noticed but that did not cause bases to be seen without scrolling. So far there 2 things stated to be in this update that are not.

I saw the spell scaling for what it was, a nerf being played off as a boost and that’s exactly what we got…nerfed spells. It was obvious by the sample pictures they gave. the boost is tiny and only for the best equipped dragons. Hell, dessicating sand got a huge nerf! It does almost no damage now. A ton less than a normal attack. It used to do about 3x more than a normal attack. It’s just a lock down spell now.


I think you misunderstand what the summary window is for. You can’t chat there… it just SHOWS the most recent chat in any chat. That functionality did not change.

The change was to make clicking the balloon always go to Team Chat. Which is does often, but not all the time as I’ve discovered post change. So you still cannot trust it to not direct your chat to an unintended destination.


I don’t want to see LC there ever…I need to know if my teammates are asking for help between runs and not have to click on chat then the team tab to see. If LC is the last to post it shows there AND defaults the chat to LC


Just logged in…both are LC…its not fixed.

It defaults to the location of the last poster, which is not a default at all. It’s unchanged from before the update.


I understand what you want the summary to do, but that is not what it’s ever done and there are zero preferences to configure that.

The change was intended to prevent the “I cicked and chatted and it didn’t go to TC or to the last chat I was in, it just posted our entire battle strategy to LC!”


This “Team Chat is default” rule is applied only 1 out of 5 of attempts. The other 4 expands to the League Chat. The hit rate of TC hasn’t improved a nanometre. For me. (but honestly, is this the first time when something was claimed to be done but not?)


It fails about 1 in 10 times for me. Hasn’t really been an issue. But then, I’m so used to double checking my chat, I may be fixing it unconsciously… :man_shrugging: