Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Now let’s see if we can’t get something really useful, like a massive gear rebalancing, and an accompanying restoration of Pathox for people who don’t have top-tier Atlas gear.


It’s been fully nerfed, huh? Seriously, he’s weaker than before, while other dragons were made more powerful than before. This is just wrong. Please reconsider making him competitive.


Apologies if already answered. Are these live right now?

In the name of spell scaling and balance I personally believe you guys should consider adjusting pathox, or else provide some kind of good faith token for those who are experiencing a net nerf. (Off the top of my head, I think current season sigils would be a good way to show you care about the value of expensive mythics, although I think adjusting his HP curve would be a better change even if more difficult)


So you made the mythic a legendary again…bummer. What a waste of effort. Remind me why I put the time in again?


No sweat or drama from me over Pathox, I’ll just reiterate what I’ve said before: Now I know to not bother going for the mythic. Thank you for making my WD gaming experience more cut and dried, PG :+1:


To quote Moulin Rouge: Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with [WD] :joy:

Last “real” season from me and that’s only because I can do everything I need to without grinding or spending a cent due to hoarding.


so what was the projectil speed of uvs before? how much more damage does he now? or stays the damage per second the same and he fires just faster? :thinking:
and why dont you scale his time stop?


I concur, I could care less as to what is going in any chat other than our TC and prefer not to see others. If one is interested in LC, or some other group they are perfectly capable of checking those chats.

Team Chat is always pertinent and what should be shown.


It’s too early, not enough people have him yet.


Apophet takes damage during time shift


Yeah, some times it’s hard to stop this from happening in the imaginary world.


That’s Hauheset…

And you killed a fire flak, explosion will hit cloaked dragons including Hau.


Seriously??! After months of saving up, I finally decided to splurge on a mythic for the first time- and you decide to nerf him.
Really disappointed in this decision.



These fixes to the attack boosts seem sensible, so good job on that. I think war cry / battle cry could do with the same treatment, especially considering they were pretty weak even before they got nerfed further by spell scaling.

Very disappointed about the Pathox nerf though. Saved up for nearly three seasons to get my very first mythic nad you nerfed it to the point it gets outclassed by half my normal divines.



But yes, as @Morreion said, FF has a death “explosion”. Learn the properties of this explosion in order to avoid it or use invince shield to avoid the damage or don’t kill it.


Ever since this update game has been very unstable on my Droid phone. I reinstalled yesterday morning and now I am getting invisible immortal perch dragons. Once in a regular run, once in Atlas and once in an event run. Level 75 perches with invisible dragons tend to hurt a lot. Not being able to kill the perch also means you can’t complete the base to 100% to 5 flame which is very bad for Atlas runs…


that makes sense, thank you!


Maybe I’m remembering wrong but if a fire flak is destroyed with a freeze spell it prevents the explosion. Correct me if I’m wrong please I’ll go check now as well and ill edit either way.

Edit-Tried in and out of spectral and chill atleast does stop the fire flak explosions when killed with it. Might be worth trying a freeze add on to hau and see if casting it while in time shift to destroy the fireflak does the same thing.


It will not hit cloaked dragons that have been cloaked long enough to lose Target, but that takes a second or two. It’s visually noticeable because the tower will go back to a rested state.



So yeah there is this, kinda bs they get nerfed in minutes from 1st mess up and now days turning into weeks cant get them to do what they should… dont even get me started on enervating and weakening but this is ridiculous

legit only doing about 1/5 the dmg they should be doing