Version 4.94 Release Notes


Greetings, Dragon Lords! v4.94 of War Dragons is going to be released next week. This version will contain Spell Scaling and a number of fixes. Read on for more details!



  • Fixed a number of localization issues.


  • Spell Scaling, introduced in November 2018, will be added into the game. Spells that are currently working off of a Dragon’s BaseHP and BaseAttack will now scale off of a Dragon’s ModifiedHP and ModifiedAttack, which will include runes, research, boosts, and riders. An update to the Spell Scaling blog detailing spell changes specifically will be released on Monday, January 7th.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where a Dragon Perch’s elemental damage reduction was not being applied to a tower.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Primarchs being summoned could enforce lockdown on an enemy Primarch conquering their team’s castle.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Infrastructure bonuses were not being applied to Beasts.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Battle Results and breakdowns for Mines and Beasts Rewards were inconsistent with one another.



  • Updated the Default chat screen to be Team Chat
  • Fixed an issue where players needed to scroll to view an opponent’s base entirely.
  • Fixed a display issue with the production boost skills from defensive riders.

Version 4.94 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Please direct your discussions to the Official Discussion Thread.



Hey Everyone,

We’ve heard the concerns regarding Berserk (and similar spells), Chaos (and similar Spells), and Sacrifice. Please see the changes that we have made below:

Berserk Based Spells: We noticed that Berserk and its counterparts were unlike any other spell which existed in the game prior because these spells were already scaling. Unfortunately, this meant that we dropped the percentage boost to accommodate for scaling when we did not in fact need to do so. We reverted the Attack Bonus to before Spell Scaling:

  • Berserk: 60% --> 75% Attack bonus
  • Rampage: 80% --> 100% Attack bonus
  • Autumn’s Reap: 65% --> 85% Attack bonus

Sacrifice (Blue and White): After hearing feedback from players that this currently felt as though this was taking too much health for the amount of rage received, we’ve reduced the Self Damage even more to be at a similar level to before spell scaling.

Pre-Spell Scaling: At 15% of base, you were able to cast for 13 times.

Current Spell Scaling: Now at 11.5%, you can cast 8 times.

Changed to 7.5%, where you can cast for 13 times.

Havoc Based Spells: Based on feedback, we could definitely see that these spells were nerfed a bit too much. We have brought the below spells back to where they should feel much better.

  • Havoc: Attack Bonus from 115 --> 163
  • Chaos: Attack Bonus from 80 --> 95
  • Talon Frenzy: Attack Bonus from 38 --> 63
  • Havoc Consumable: Attack Bonus from 115 --> 163
  • Havoc Tutorial: Attack Bonus from 150 --> 163

UVS: After some feedback regarding UVS, we have decided to improve UVS’s projectile speed to 300 to help this dragon as it currently exists.

Pathox: This dragon will not be further touched at this time.

We understand that there are still some issues that need to be ironed out regarding spell scaling, and we truly appreciate all of the feedback that players are currently providing. We are continuing to evaluate the concerns that people have brought us, and we encourage the continued discussion as players have more time with this change.