Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


Hey Dragon Lords!

Please use this thread to discuss and/or ask questions about the Version 4.95 Release Notes.

Version 4.95 Release Notes

Well, the Valentine’s Day thing is kinda cute. Be interesting to see what else is going on, if there’s going to be a blog about it on top of the temporary VFX changes.

I don’t have Atlas, but I know I’ve seen people asking for the trapper-related, stability-related, and coordinate-related features, so good job there.


All the changes looks good, and the coordinates one is very nice. We’ll see how useful is the primarch finder, the main problem on crowded places is slowness, I don’t know if the search will add to that slowness or what.


So… still no fix to the cloak glitch?


The primach finder looks interesting and perhaps scary if you can truly scan the map and find all in NML.

I guess we’ll see. The navigation update looks nice.


Most of the new version looks quite decent changes. Especially coordinates copied for navigation :clap:

Except hearts :sweat_smile: What if one doesn’t want them x) I’d be glad to turn them off, but guess it’s not possible.


The coordinate change is AMAZING!!! Thank You!!!

Not sure on the primarch finder as this could give up too much information and make locating people/teams way too easy however I suppose we shall see.


There will be a blog about this next week.

Not in this update.


To be clear, one can only see the information of the primarchs currently loaded on the players current screen in the primarch finder. The main goal is to filter all primarchs you can see based on certain criteria, and put them in one easy to access menu. It will not scan the entire map.


So as you pan across the map they won’t be highlighted? Does it depend on zoom level?


You must be at a zoom level where primarchs are still visible to continue to load more primarch information.


The features involving coordinates (copying/pasting internally and externally to the game) are a very nice and welcomed addition.

I’m still a little confused as to why PG still has not yet narrowed down the causes of the atlas crashes, failed to load waypoints, etc. Adding new features when you don’t have a clue as to why something as big as atlas not loading sounds like a recipe for more problems, as has historically been the case.


I’m very excited about the clickable coords in chat. That is a huge QoL improvement


I’m also liking the searchable primach… might make glory hunting easier away from Aligane :smiley:


With Empyrian debuting next week (presumably), can someone from PG please respond somewhere to clarify whether tier-based token scaling will be adjusted in tandem?



It kind of seems like a useless addition imo. When zoomed enough to see Primarchs, there’s usually only a couple to find (if any) at random NML’s. I’m guessing the tool will also include Prime’s at any owned castles or NZ’s on your screen, which won’t be helpful.

I would rather see something like the idea @mechengg proposed, a Glory instance that players can join a queue for and puts similar lvl players against each other.


Well, I agree that Mech’s idea would be better, but this one works better than what we currently have. Saves you some tapping on prims that don’t even match what you are looking for at least :woman_shrugging:


As much as that sounds like a great idea I can’t see PG going for it. They wanted more castle attacks and turnover. Making it easy to get glory outside of a castle attack is not the directions I see them going in.


Meh again for 5 characters. So many things to be fixed but none of them seemed to make this patch. Hearts for my dragons. MEH


props to pg, love every change, as soon as its released next week and the following week of u guys fixing it i’m sure ill enjoy it then.