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Question for everyone, does it feel as though you getting them more or about the same as before the update?


Failure to add waypoint seems about the same before and after the patch.

Getting sync errors while training/collecting troops is new to this patch and frequent, despite 2 reinstalls.

Failed to load Atlas error is way up. At least 5 X more often and sometimes only a hard restart will fix it. Get this after finishing Atlas battles as well as trying to flip between Atlas and main game.


Pretty much same as Hwrd described.
Well, failed to load Atlas is that kind of error that I was getting a lot even before update, so if there is an increase, then not that big, but still noticeable.
Waypoint error is same, and in my case cured by aggressive tapping the move command x10 times.

Also, case of trap and attack buttons in prims menu on castles not working is more frequent.


What hwrd said is my experience too, but I also get slow movement completion a lot more often. Moving to aligane almost always requires an atlas restart to complete, even though there seem to be fewer primarchs there than usual in the past.


Hvoc nurf seems back. Aibrean is weak again…


Did you get spanked on a base or did you go and test what percentage chaos increases your damage by?

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I don’t have statistic data, but previously each Atlas tower takes one hit, now takes two. This is very similar to the nurf before.
Thank you for looking into this.


Let me guess. You leveled up today/yesterday and the bases on your invader grew a level or two?

Looks like it, i’m guessing L276 or less before fort, now L280


Hey, Mech, Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, my atlas towers went from lvl46 to 47; however, Aibrean also get one level increase. From the damage per shot view, it is weaker. Unfortunately I did not take screen shots of the previous data on Aibrean.
Anyway, it is a old divine dragon, and I am fine with this. I was just worrying about whether there was a change/nurf coming with this update. thanks.


queues mech’s rant of uneven inflation of stats between towers and dragons at higher levels :eyes:

On topic: I hope next update gets rid of the black screen from being in atlas for 5 mins, the white screen with no x button telling you to please try again in 30s, and castles taking 10-30s to open. :pray:t3:
And general atlas stability


I freaking hate that screen. I always end up force quitting the app and relaunching it whenever I get it.


what’s with the new update?


It contained some translation fixes that needed to happen. It will not impact your ability to switch between OS’s.


Just trying to move a primarch. The message is MOST frequent when moving from the safe zone outside Aligane to Aligane, but I also get it at different times.


I have not noticed any change since the update.


I’ve had attacks not count when hitting at castles with high activity… just not counting, no dead prime, no target killed by someone else, no attacker killed by someone else… I just got my first one when doing a glory swap on my own castle with no other attacks going on at the time. Waited 10 minutes to see if there was some kind of lag but nope… game just decided that particular attack didn’t happen. No lag during attack. No lag when defender joined to watch.

Had a really weird one where an attack where my prime died registered in the ledger before a previous attack and the troop counts got switched around and subsequently the glory too. That was first.


Good to hear.


@Arelyna, sorry for the delay. It’s exactly what @FLAKnIceHole said. It’s moving to and from busy castles just outside of Aligane.

This is what makes me think it’s a server issue rather than a software issue. It’s just down to weight of users in these regions.

The biggest issue for me is moving into Aligane and then getting this message which stops me from leaving and before I know it my Primarch has been freed, basically because the game cannot keep up.

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