Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


The data updates live as you pan around the map. You can just put in your primarch requirements and continually pan until you find what you want. Judge it once you use it :smiley:


Can you filter it to only list Prime’s that are in a NML? I didn’t see any sorting by location in the sample picture. Otherwise, it just looks like a larger list to sort through vs. clicking the 1 Primarch in a NML on my screen to check its details.

I’m just not sure what problem this tool solves. Its easy to find Primarchs in a NML on my screen, the hard part is getting my screen to a NML (besides Aligane) that has Primarchs.


if i can’t even set my home currently without 5-56 fails and crashes, why would i expect something new to work. The existing issues are far more important than making new issues for us to deal with. I almost quit the game last week due to it. @pgEcho


The primarch finder will be abused. You’re making it even easier to bully smaller players for maximum rewards. What are you doing to prevent griefing? Please reconsider the implementation of this tool.


it clearly states that you can filter it by type of primarch and minimum level requirements of it.


And it will reinstate a resurgence of NML glory farms.


Not sure what you are trying to answer with that information.


Could this get addressed soon please? It’s getting to be a very big problem and causes a lot of attack losses that shouldnt be happening, especially in wars. This glitch has been getting overlooked for a long time now.


i was cloaked for 3 seconds, then watched a blue mage shoot me earlier, while cloaked. Was fun.


I am not happy about this primarch finder at all. You have just built into the game a way to target specific players and teams. I like the concept, if restricted to NML only, as that is the point of being in NML. But to be able to find any player you want and where their castles are located is absurd.

I would rather see a fourth prim slot opened over this option that will be abused.


It’s not everywhere.


I had one last week where I was cloaked, turned a corner still cloaked and a red mage saw me and shot me


sounds about right


Can I turn this off:

New Valentine’s Day VFX for Rune whelps and Dragon flame attacks will be available from Version 4.95’s launch to February 16th. Rune whelps will be recolored to pink and have a heart around them. Dragon flames will be pink hearts, which are just as deadly as flames, during this time. A blog detailing all our Valentine’s Day offerings will release next week.


Thanks for the atlas changes, this is going to make navigating so much easier!

But please tell me we can toggle that valentines stuff :joy:


Ez fix, hit a castle :rofl:


Okay, we will see how this all plays out. I have a feeling that it will be used to in an unintended way and there will be a lot more posted to the forums about it.

If it only searched NML in the current view of the player it would be highly unlikely to be abused.


*sets targets for between L200-240
*waits for new prims to enter NML
*pounces immediately because they stand literally zero chance


*waits for server to acknowledge move
*gets counter-pounced
*troops wiped, prim freed