Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


maybe will contain new bugs not bug fixes🤔


Are the stability fixes in atlas going to fix the zooming and panning issues we are having? Huge lag, no responsiveness of atlas, etc


The best part of this update is the pop-up that takes you to which rusher is trapping you. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Too many seconds are wasted trying to go back to the castle screen, then primarchs, then find yourself, click info, go back to the primarch screen, find the person trapping you and hit them. This is a great improvement. :clap:


Still no separate rss chat?


Additional options specific to coordinates is much needed addition. Thank you


This is actually a really good step in the right direction. Everyone has been asking for some of this stuff for a long time and it is going to be out soon! Can’t wait to see the new update(along with the influx of new bugs)!


Will there be an option to turn off the valentine features ?

P.S : not all people like saint valentine


@Arelyna any updates on whether we are getting discounted bokens on harbs next breeding when empyrean comes out? :hugs: thank you


Love the coordinates stuff and the trapper attacking option!
Not sure the primarch finder is a good idea. Remains to be seen.
The hearts thing is a temporary seasonal thing, people. Personally, I hate pink and I’m really not a fan of hearts. But we’re not talking about a permanent change here. Might be kinda fun just to have something different for a little bit. I’d like to see more seasonal changes like this.


I’d say make one yourself. They are not hard to maintain…at least right now I would hope resource specific chat is towards the bottom of the to do list as there are many more critical things that need to be addressed


I think what Dosada meant was a chat room where the RSS transfer notifications are separated from the team chat. Many have asked for such a feature, as switching them off doesn’t really help with the “spoiled” conversations. :man_shrugging:


Eh yeah that is annoying at times agreed but with the option to turn them off when needed…still think it belongs down on the list compared to other things. Not saying it’s a bad idea just not as high as say fixing all the crashes…white screen of death…islands not loading …atlas fail to setup…failed way points…failure to train troops…catch my drift


Hey @Arelyna is there any updates to fixing the lvl 300. End of last year you posted that this will be fixed early next year. Please let us know what the update is.


Cloak glitch its an “already know” issue. Enshroud suffer the same issue :frowning: :frowning:


We have that, i was thinking about rss transactions between teammates and from, to the bank, but you are right there are way more important things to be fixed, apparently Ryuu is one of them , still cant believe it is in top 5 complaints


This!!! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you invested in better/faster/more server space you’d have less issues.

This happened on TPC too, I assume you’re developing a new game, have you got this game on new servers or are you trying to piggyback on existing servers to keep costs down?


@Arelyna can you please confirm or deny tier discount adjustments for next breeding event, or at least acknowledge the question has been asked since it impacts a significant segment of the player base?!


It’s still coming. I don’t have an exact date at the moment.

No update at the moment.

Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread

it is the only thing that allows us to “adjust” the base :weary:


How do you mean?