Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


Any thoughts on tightening the glory bands? I am still of the opinion this needs to be done…


Maybe the glory bands will be fine if they adjust other things they are working on :eyes:


You have my interest…


I see really good questions about glory bands, discounted token costs, the 300 wall but all I can think is, Pink Hearts!!!

Yellow diamonds, blue rainbows. Jedi mind trick. These are not the solutions you are looking for. Pink Hearts. PINK HEARTS yall…


The coords should be useful and the primarch finder should be. An option to restrict to to just ones in NML would be a useful addition to it.
Anything added to make trying to find anyone in NML will be an improvement, and ones that have troops and aren’t too high or low to hit is a welcome bonus. This might get things happening in atlas again.

PS to that. has there been any progress getting the notification system fixed? Been a good 6-9 months or more now.


@Arelyna, can ya’ll configure the Finder to be able to input the player’s name and get a list of their prims and their coords? :pray:t3:


Could you please be more specific? Combat notifications or something else?


Castle name added to attack and defend banners would be a welcome addition.


Getting all the notifications to play their alerts. At present only the dragons healed and new dragon guard missions play the alert - the rest don’t. Ones like the @ group, @ player, war declaration, under attack, etc don’t. So very easy to miss something going on in alliance.
I’ve raised a couple of support tickets on this and gone through checking the set up, reinstalling etc, but the issue has never been solved, just added to the list of known bugs.


Any ETA for release? Didn’t hit the Android store yet


So you can harass them relentlessly? This is a terrible idea.


Not at this moment.


Dude, it’s War Dragons … not Friend Dragons :kissing_heart:


So declare war on a team. Don’t relentlessly harass an individual because they told you no. That is how that particular tool will be abused.


In war, you will not be given all the info to attack an enemy. You have to use intel to find them.

But that would be fun…


I can’t declare war on a team that isn’t in my league and either way it would be punishing 49 others for what 1 has done. I’d rather gift upon that 1 person my undiluted rage.


InB4 Sam comes crying to the forums that (s)he is being farmed in Atlas :slight_smile:


Most definitely. Wanna start a petition? :grin:


No thanks. Too many people would go look for me.

FYI, I am in a neutral zone for those looking.


Being farmed doesn’t scare me. My prim needs glory. :smirk: