Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread




Thanks for making me feel better about my primarchs Sam :joy:



There’s a couple how-to topics in the Atlas section I think you should read…



I can help you with the defender leveling by the way :smirk:


I don’t do glory for the sake of glory. Annoying a certain jerk would be an incentive though :smiling_imp:


It’s only level 2…


The update should currently be populating to people’s respective stores


Hard crash using the new primarch finder. Started out ok, bounced around a little and decided to check Aligane for shits and giggles… locked up my tablet completely (Asus Z10) and had to do a hard reboot of tablet…


Have you experienced a similar issue in other places or only Aligane?


i thought this update was supposed to put team chat as default?

i still have LC drivel constantly on my chat


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I’m afraid to try it elsewhere. I probably won’t use it anyways…


I’m sure there will be frustrating bugs in this new release, but I just gotta say…

I love the coordinate improvements and the primarch finder might be pretty cool (haven’t used it much). These are strong usability changes that, along with the “attack the bozo that is trapping you” change that will really improve the user experience in Atlas.

THANK YOU! :man_dancing:


The scrolling chat will show whatever the newest message in any chat received is. Team chat will be the default when you open up the chat window.


unfortunately, i click on chat and still goes to LC.

Can’t you just put a feature to disable LC


Are you sure? For me the Team chat is on the top, where the LC used to be (tab re-allocation)

and that exactly what is the default view during my past 2 attempts.

I love that the event screen - particularly the SEASON tab - is clearer. The big tiles are now adjusted to my screen, as they became smaller, making the whole view neater.

Update: after restarting the game for the third time TC is still my default. This is great! :tada:


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team chat is just listed at top. still auto selects LC for me. Nothing has changed but the location of icon for lc and tc


Mine jumps almost like last chat in feed is where it takes me


Mine goes to Lc also