Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


Love the coordinate copy/paste and the search function. Very handy.

Big fan of the pink hearts too. If only Noc were pink to go with them…:heart_eyes:

@Arelyna Question about the prim finder: does it only show primarchs that have already arrived/are actually present at the castle/s you’re looking at, or does it also show prime that are moving in but have not yet arrived?


Copy/paste coords will post to LC. This could get very interesting. :joy:


I scan like this sometime but with the primarch detail panel at the nml castle while the primarch is still on comming


Can you please make that bottom window only reflect what is being posted in TC? I bet most everyone here could care less what’s being posted anywhere else. All the other chats we can check on at our leisure if we desire.


Actually, it is handy to see group chats too. If your team has a specific chat room for requesting resources from the banks from atlas (so as not to have those requests get lost in the thread of conversation) being able to see that a new post to that chat room is handy, especially if you are a banker and need to stay on top of player requests.


Yet still no removal of all the resource transfers from TC. Which can clog a lot of chat.


it freezes my phone over aligane region

other regions it lags so hard it makes aligane lag seem pleasant

(lagged hard enough in all areas that sometimes my phone asks me if i want to force close the application or wait)


Any ETA on when the bubbles will be taken down? Is it because not everyone has the update yet?


I would say that yes, this is probably why they are still up.



The option to watch replay of attacks on my base is completely missing now

edit: on android


If you updated but they haven’t then you will not see a replay option. Same as if you didnt update but they did. Incompatible versions.


Can confirm this is the same on my end. I can only revenge. IOS here


Ahhh. Good to know! Thanks :+1:


Same answer. Different versions if one has updated and the other hasn’t then you wont be able to view the run. Give it a day and you will be able to see them all once everyone has updated.

Edit: Lol, I didnt need to post again. :blush:


Lol!! A few seconds makes all the difference :joy:. Thank you! :pray:


As promised Surt level is way weeker you can’t destroy towers on the first ragnarok hit as you could … I am so disappointed and feel scamed I’m really sorry to have to say that because I am a big fan of This game but it just feels wrong to do that without compassation i pay for a super boosted dragon and that isn’t what I have now on the game update


When u create an update that has a theme change for dragons, ie this Valentine’s Day crap, can u please create a setting to turn it off. The hearts are annoying and the heart shadows around the rune dragons are a pain in the behind. Not every country in the world buys into the Valentine’s Day hallmark rubbish.


Can we turn the stupid hearts off please? At least make them optional. My eyes want to vomit.


The Game has yet again become unplayable… crashes everytime i start it…



OMG THE HEARTS LOOK… AMAZING… JK, it looks terrible.
Atlas changes highly appreciated.