Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


The prim search is a nice idea but it should only include no man land areas.


It doesn’t always work properly though.
I understand it includes prims on the castles too, and I fixed the screen over a castle of one team right in the center, and another team castle got into the cut in the corner. But searcher shows only all prims of the team in the corner, not the one in the center.
Furthermore, if I make it so only that one team castle on the screen it says no primarchs found, which is weird. I tried moving around that place but it always catching all teams except for that one, like it doesn’t exist for that scan. :woman_shrugging:t3:
I also searched for all 4 types of prims, and at least one fit into level category, but didn’t show.


Can PG in the future, should they introduce changes like the “hearts” at least it can be disabled. Not everyone want or need this.
It would also be great that something like this (not only the “hearts” maybe similar other theme) can be purchased as mini-packs for those who are into it.
My 2c.


I think the idea of it is to make fighting at castles easier too. But I agree an NML-only filter would be nice to have. And a filter for minimum troops as well.


Are they in your 5TA? The scanner only shows enemy primarchs as far as I can tell.


No, not 5ta, just neighbors.
Tried to make same search for the same team on another castle far from there and they were found. Maybe it’s just a Bermuda Triangle on that place I searched first time.


From all the things players asked we got those b.s. … like the 15 year old run this game ffs …


PLEASE LET US TURN THE STUPID HEARTS OFF. They’re obnoxious and distracting and I didn’t come here to be in some weird anime made by teenagers.


After 10 runs or so I barely notice the hearts anymore.


I would imagine it will be similar for a castle under siege but will let you know once PVP is unlocked.

I got the “wardragons” not responding message from my OS. Brand-shiny-new Google Pixel 3 that normally runs app like a dream.


Yep, that’s exactly why.


Can we turn the hearts off please? They suck. Thanks.


@Arelyna The UVS flame output buff was nerfed with this update (a result of the new heart graphics?). Can you please acknowledge? Thank you!


@Arelyna Leach essence is not working as intended. Tested only 3 marked ones.


They changed leach essence (right most column).


Thanks for letting us know! We’re doing some digging into this on our end. A few Warrior dragons (like UVS and Chimerak) have a higher than standard flame speed, so the implementation of the pink breath attack unintentionally brought down their flame speed. We’re on it!


There still seems to be a lag time between the old event and the new event. My suggestion would be a monthly event, something that takes longer to achieve, but would still make players get involved. Just to fill the dead time between events.


I like one day off a week :rofl:


Or not.


We have a 3-months long event: called the season.
We have the 5-day events
We have the Atlas events, too (if applicable)

For the sake of my sanity and my wrists’ health, please NO MORE EVENTS simultaneously!