Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


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It will only show primarchs that have already arrived and present in the area you are currently searching.


Nice someone else thinks so


Where are red envelopes? :thinking:
Open the game - get a popup ad about envelopes - tap gift now… and nothing in the store.


We’re looking into it.

Update: They should be active now. :slight_smile:


Can’t attack from the list - the right arrow doesn’t work. :man_shrugging:


Can you screenshot please? Is it related to the issue in this thread, Attack menu broken?


Clicking the right arrow next to the primarch targets don’t do anything.


Is it not taking you to the castle or primarch’s location?


I have to already be at the primarch location as that’s the parameters of the search function…

And if there are multiple primes on the map which is the right one? No one knows…

I thought the arrow should bring up the attack menu for that prime.


You do not have to be at the primarch’s location to find it in the search. You cannot attack from one castle to another in the same zone, yet several castles can be viewed while searching.


Chest drops at beginning of event seemed to represent the 50% bonus, but that only lasted an hour or so…


What I meant was, my screen is already at primarch location in order to execute the search, so moving it to the “right place” isn’t much of a value add.

The arrow should do more - what’s the point of finding a primarch if you still need to click on a castle, go to the castle menu, find the prime AGAIN, then click attack?

I doubt many will be using this tool to search multiple castles, as typically you only have one you can hit - the one you have access to.


Yah I thought same as you, but didn’t work that way…


I agree with this. It’s potentially a very useful feature … but only if you can attack from it. If your primary isn’t there the attack could just be greyed out.


I thought mine was malfunctioning as well. The whole screen seemed to lock when I pressed the arrow. After approx 30 sec the screen started to slowly shift to a primarch. I assumed it was the one I clicked the arrow for, it wasnt. It seems to have a large amount of lag associated with the search option.


Apologies if this was posted already but the monster ballistas are back! Last invader run my Sylphen was killed by ballistas and now doesn’t want to come out of her room anymore…


If that’s the case the primach will be gone by the time you load the list and proceed, I agree that’s nuts