Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread


Yep, looks like the scanner was mostly developed to scroll past a bunch of castles bordering NML, and pick your destination castle to attack with it. Which would be sort of useful in an Atlas world without politics and alliances. But it’s useless for hunting in NML.

I would very much like to have the ability to filter by level, troop count and defense rating in the castle picker instead.


You can order by Troup count.
For me it hanged badly in Aligane, that’s what I feared with this change


Has this been fixed yet?


No, not yet. We’re still investigating on our end how we can fix this as soon as possible!


In the meantime could their breaths be changed back to normal? Or would it break the game to have them reverted when all the other dragons are breathing pink hearts instead of spewing tongues of flame?


This is one of the solutions we’re looking into, actually. If we’re able to revert the pink flames for UVS / Chimerak without impacting all the other Dragons, I’d say that’s our best bet. More news as I have it!


I hope it will be useful.

As for now, you’ve changed all dragon’s projectile into the same one.
Probably make different projectile for each dragon with different breath speed.

That way, you can keep valentine themed projectile and breath with different speed


If PG handles it right, they can keep breathing pink hearts while keep different speed.


But it would be a dragon with a normal breath attack :laughing: I’d love to have one dragon with normal attacks between now and Valentine’s day :sweat_smile: Especially since I have the obsidian stone for UVS… just need to feed him up some and work on xp runs.


Haven’t read in a while but looks like you got your 2 mythic in a row… well done… must be exhausting…


Only a little bit… if there’s a mythic hunter next season, maybe I’ll go after that too :laughing:


Please close and re-open your game for the Valentine’s VFX to be removed from UVS, Chimerak, and Red / Purple Tier Dragons! This should fix the issues with the Dragons’ flame speed.

If you run into any problems, please send a message over to our Support Team so they can help you out!


:unamused: Not fun…
I thought you made another valentine breath copy for them…

Talking about projectile speed, have you checked Empyrian tier as well? (Tuktu and Evakhet).
Since their projectile speed is a bit different, isn’t it better to revert them back as well?


Thank you! Just confirmed that it worked on UVS for me.


I can double check with some folks for ya. I thought this issues was only present on dragons like UVS / Chimerak, but I’ll confirm.


While I’m fully aware that the art department is separate from the engineers and thus the art department doing things like heart breath for Valentine’s day isn’t taking their time away from squashing bugs…

I can’t help but wonder how much time the engineers are spending ‘fixing’ a temporary graphical feature that’ll be gone in a week that they’re not spending on the cloak bug or the chest drop bug or some other thing they would normally be devoting their time to…


Too much… I love my pathox… couldn’t try for uvs but mythic hunter next :man_facepalming::man_shrugging::ok_hand:


Being on a high performing diamond team (compared to the performance of my previous sapphire team) for an entire season does make a big difference… But this is getting way off topic for what the thread is about :sweat_smile:


Any news on this?


Please no more hearts… Please… I really, really, really, really want to opt out of this heart stuff… Please its a nightmare and visually screws with my targeting etc…