Version 4.95 Release Notes


Greetings, Dragon Lords! v4.95 of War Dragons is going to be released next week. This version will contain bug fixes, performance improvements, new Valentine’s Day VFX, and some updates to Atlas. Read on for more details!



  • Changed the game icon for Valentine’s Day.


  • Added Valentine’s Day runes and flames VFX to the game. Please see below to see more.

  • [Atlas] Attacking a Primarch while being Trapped will now trigger a pop-up that allows you to redirect your attack to the Primarch trapping you

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue with users being unable to toggle any option while creating a team after a warning is displayed
  • Fixed a visual bug with Kevana when turning on low or poor detail settings
  • Fixed an issue where players would crash when collecting consumable boosts from the Forge


  • Fixed an issue with Malefic Breath where multiple Gloom Clouds were stacking on one tower
  • Fixed an issue where the Healing Mark consumable would not stack with Northern Lights - Light



We are aware of the recent increase in crashes and connection issues in Atlas and share your frustrations. In 4.95, we’ve made some changes that should help improve stability. We also added some changes that will help us better determine the root cause should the problems persist. We truly appreciate your patience on this as we continue to work on improving stability.



  • Fixed a display issue where a Common Rage was showing as 02.7% instead of +2.7%
  • Fixed a text display issue for Debilitating Sludge
  • Changed the default chat screen to be Team Chat
  • Fixed an issue where “Recommended Settings” was not working correctly
  • Fixed a text display issue in the Dragon Training Menu

:sparkling_heart: VALENTINE’S DAY VFX

New Valentine’s Day VFX for Rune whelps and Dragon flame attacks will be available from Version 4.95’s launch to February 16th. Rune whelps will be recolored to pink and have a heart around them. Dragon flames will be pink hearts, which are just as deadly as flames, during this time. A blog detailing all our Valentine’s Day offerings will release next week.


Atlas has become a massive world over the last year, making it increasingly hard to navigate the world. We are, therefore, introducing new features that offer players improved methods of finding Primarchs and communicating coordinates.


The Primarch Finder is a tool that allows players to enter Primarch tier, Primarch type, and Player Level range to narrow their search for a worthy opponent. Simply enter your search criteria and pan across the map as the tool finds Primarchs that match your search criteria. You can then sort your search results by Player Level, Primarch Level, Troop Count, and Glory Payout.


Players will now be able to copy the coordinates of their current camera location at any time by tapping on the coordinates themselves. These coordinates will be copied to your phone’s clipboard and can be pasted wherever you’d like including chat and mail.

Players will also be able to use the new Coordinate Search to paste in any coordinates previously copied to their phone’s clipboard and find them within Atlas.

Clicking on coordinates in chat will automatically pan your camera to the respective coordinates. Click the message’s Menu button, followed by the Copy Coordinate button to copy the coordinates in the chat message to your phone’s clipboard.

Note: Pasting the coordinates in chat or in mail requires you to use your operating system’s Paste system. On most iOS and Android devices, this requires tapping and holding for a few moments.

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